10 Habits of A Middle-class Indian That Never Goes Out Of Fashion!

 In General

(Disclaimer: The habits/Jugaads/Hacks mentioned below is purely for entertainment purpose with no intention to hurt sentiments of any person or a group in particular)

We are what we do! May define us narrowly. But there could be certain habits that hints our raising in broad terms. Some work well as everyday hacks whereas others, in an Indian term, is considered as ‘Jugaad’. Whatever is the scenario, let me take this pleasure to share with you a well-curated fine list of habits/Jugaads that proves that a middle-class Indian makes more sense (most of the time) than anything else!

1) Gifts wraps!!! Who buys a gift wrap? We unwrap!

One thing you will find for sure when you lift the mattress of any Indian middle-class family are the shiny, colorful gift wraps (and of course the well-folded carry bags for reuse) that were removed from over the gifts with every possible care, without tearing a bit. That’s one of 3 R’s to save the environment, and they are doing their bit…;)

2) T.V. Remote Fossilized!

If there is anything in the world next to fossils which is preserved exceptionally well then it should be the T.V. remote belonging to a middle-class Indian family because it is covered with a protective layer of a polyethene wrap over which is another hard plastic cover for that extra safety and durability.

3) The only reason why middle-class Indians don’t buy ‘Ponchha’!

Clothes that lasts at least half a decade end up being a ‘Ponchha’ and that’s just another act to save the environment!


4) Toothpaste & ‘Belan’ – A pair made in Heaven!

Be an optimist, Toothpaste taught us to ‘Never Lose Hope’, Believe that you can squeeze out a little more toothpaste out of the tube.


5) Two types of things for showcase; The actual ones and the crockery!


6) Counter-fight!

The last minute fight at the restaurant counter for paying the bill. Only God knows two things well, who is going to take over the fight? And what the heck would be going on inside person’s mind sitting at the bill counter.


7) Need a new bucket in the toilet??? Here is a paint bucket! Give it a wash and you earned it!


8) Second-hand!

Aahhh! Before the clothes (thank god undergarments are exempted here) end up in Poncha it has to pass-on as the brand new second-hand clothes of the poor younger sibling. And if he is lucky enough to get the new one, it’s going to be an inch longer or wider than desired. Of course! Why you need new clothes every year?


9) Money plant and a poster of waterfall pasted in the living hall makes the inflow of money in the house better.

10) Wed to Fed!

Wedding means Food, Food and only Food!

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