5 Habits Every Human on this Planet Possesses!

 In General

‘Old habits die hard’. But there are some which just stick around for eternity. Perhaps, these habits are ingrained or maybe learnt but these shape our very unique nature.

Whether a tribal in some remote part of the globe or a big city-dweller, I am sure everyone will associate with all of these 5 traits to some degree.

1. Forgetfulness

Every single one of us forgets something. It may not happen daily but. But forgetfulness is among those habits nobody seems to get rid of. Now some of you might claim that it is not true. But think again! And if you still think that you have never forgotten something, this was your first time. Right now while reading this piece!

It is humanly impossible not to forget something or even someone.

2. Being Late

Don’t you hate your friend who turned up late for a movie, while you wanted to enjoy the first scene with him or her? It is okay because getting late or being late is one of the most frequent habits on display. Although, the degree of punctuality may differ, but everyone has turned up late to some game, function, marriage, exam, interview or office.

Hence, next time someone disappoints you by being late understand it as one of universal habits and move on. Who knows you could be disappointing someone by being late? Or have you already?

3. Copying

This one is pretty natural and obvious, isn’t it? Now most of you might already be scanning exam room scenes mentally! But copying includes diverse sub-habits. Mimicking and imitating also come under this category. In fact, this trait has led to many big observed phenomena around us.

Religion, technology, culture and adaptation are prime examples of copying from others. But mind you, it is no excuse to copy in exams or impersonate someone.

4. Fighting

Fighting is the most destructive of all human habits. While many of us don’t engage in conventional fist fights or war of words, everyone does fight. It could be a fight for some glorious cause like human rights, fight for space when you jostle in a public transport.

In fact, you could be fighting for top honours in class or just to get first row seats to a concert!

Fighting is one of the oldest and most well-developed habits of human kind.

5. Joking

Joking or creating humour is perhaps the most desirable of human habits. Mind you, even this particular habit does not require right conditions or some defined means. For example, mentally and physically challenged people, people of war-torn region or even grief stricken people can and do find humour in everyday acts, habits, sights or feelings.

Joking is inbuilt like all others habits mentioned above. Humour could be subtle e.g. through eyes or obvious like a joke stated aloud by a stand-up comedian. Point is, everybody jokes.

Habits are not to be resisted but regulated and celebrated because these make us who we are. Humans!

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