6 Ways To Travel Cheap But Worthily

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Travelling is hobby of billions but cheap travel is a paradoxically a luxury for few! But it need not be so! How, you ask?

Keep an open mind, go unconventional and just follow these 8 steps to embark on a memorable journey.

1. Try off-season travel

Surprisingly, some of the best and most popular destinations in the world cut their lodging, boarding or food charges by 50% in off-season. Many people even claim to have got the best access, closer looks and plenty of time at their favorite spots during off-season.

More often than not, off-season vacation is a cheap travel strategy but very rewarding and complete value for money!

2. Prefer home stays over hotels

This idea may sound a bit uncomfortable but it is not. There are many options available both online and offline to pre-arrange your stay with a family. You can also house many travellers visiting your country or region and gain some credibility to lodge elsewhere.

This option is not only cheap but an experience in itself as it gives you an honest experience of the place in terms of culture and uniqueness! After all what is the point of travelling if you live with the same amenities, same food, same mobile and same people in a foreign land?

3. Research

Use all internet surfing experience, contacts and knowledge to get the best deals for everything. For example, travel on weekdays for cheaper rates or check destination weather and site-seeing timings. A friend of mine travelled 500 km to visit a monument only to find out that it was closed! Result: Extra stay which in turn resulted into extra charges.

Similarly, you don’t want to board a flight which would have costed 50% less the next day or following week. Customize your travel without looking for big package deal and keep a look out for discounts, refunds and destination information. It can cut your costs considerably.

4. Travel light but carry essentials

People tend to pack heavy, especially mothers and big families and end up adding significant costs. Use minimum clothing, carry a mobile phone with good camera instead of a professional camera or don’t carry furs on tropical beaches!

It may see unbelievable but people can save a lot on cost of luggage simply by packing light. Similarly a trip to a local doctor or therapist can prove costly so carry along essential medicines prescribed according to destination.

5. Take up temporary work

This option is increasingly being used worldwide for cheap travel. Volunteer for house work. private tuitions, sports activity or use any relevant skills for local use. It will create long lasting bonds across the world, sharpen your own talents and most importantly, get you money for your stay.

If not it will considerably lessen your costs or even get you a free meal or extra stay!

6. Use local transport

A ride with the locals or experiencing local transportation methods is very cost friendly. Additionally, it may prove to be an experience of a lifetime! A desert safari is far better enjoyed on a camel instead of a SUV.

Take public ferry rides on coasts and beaches instead of roads or private rides. If you are confident about safety and a little discomfort try hitchhiking. There is fun in getting out of your comfort zone which no luxury can offer! Also, it will prove very cheap.

So pack your bags, set out and get going! A famous line goes, ‘Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show.’

A cheap travel idea might just prove to be a life-saver in more ways than you can imagine!

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