How to achieve Work-Life Balance? Simple Ways to Marry Career and Domestic Life!

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We all strive to find out how to achieve perfect work-life balance. Almost everyone tries to get our career to be in harmony with domestic life.

But work-life balance is state of mind. There are definitely ways to achieve a very satisfactory one!

Read on to understand these ways and optimize your work-life balance.

Perfect work-life balance is a myth

Yes. You read that right! But before you get all depressed, please know that it is absolutely okay. Just like a computer cannot be expected to manage conflicts with your spouse, it would be wrong to expect ourselves to be equally good at everything.

It is human to be imperfect. Our brains are not programmed to be the best at everything we do. A great sportsperson can be a lousy mother or father. Similarly, we too can be a good at office work and bad at doing laundry.

The sooner we realize this the quicker we will get ahead in career, while maintaining domestic harmony.


This may sound very simple but in reality it is not! For example, prioritizing work life over an unnecessary distant friend’s distant relative is a wise choice. But many of us fail to do it. In the same way, leaving office work or troubles at office and focusing on family is a crucial habit. It must be practiced.

Simple steps like above are key to achieve a good work-life balance. How to do it? Again, simply focus on every single situation and work out priority. A series of such excellent decisions for a month will turn your life in a more positive direction.


Make a habit to encourage self, either loudly or in the mind. Give daily dose of positive thoughts to your mind. Like, I will make the most of my time in office today; seeing my home rearranged tidily by this weekend will make me happy and so on.
First, just think of these goals without pressuring yourself to act on these. Gradually, you will find yourself doing these things and moving closer to a great work-life balance!

Spend time in silence

Silence can be liberating experience! Make time to sit quietly and think through your daily work and work place agenda. Or think about the vacation plans with your family and see yourself already enjoying and visualizing those moments with them.

It is not only a great way to realign your thoughts but it makes you act them out. Work-life balance is all about already thinking that you have one!

Laugh off your failures

To achieve a much positive work-life balance, learn to laugh your troubles. It does not mean being careless about your career goals, work life or household mishaps. Deadline issues, little setbacks, fights or personal loss are a part of work as well as home.

Keep it simple. For instance, if you fail at work go see a comedy movie with your spouse. On the other hand, if you had a fight with your child just before leaving for office, come and share the conflict with a colleague. May be he or she will make you see the lighter side of the picture!

Work-life balance is not only about being good. It is also about learning from and laughing off your failures.

Take things one at a time

Focusing on one task at a time sounds simple but is certainly not! Everything about work-life balance comes down to giving your best to the situation at hand. Achieving great career or work life is not a 1 year agenda or 5 year program. Taking your parents for check-ups is not about maintaining an annual calendar or to-do’s list.

It is simply about giving your best to the present moment. Once that is done, give your best to the next one and so on. A series of small acts together will accumulate into a life well-lived, both professionally and personally.

Isn’t that what a good work-life balance is all about?

We would love if you can suggest your experiences about managing work-life balance. Do not forget to share these in the comments section.

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