Dreams are never too far; Just believe in your dreams and move forward!

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If you believe in your dreams, then, dreams never let you sleep. But I am an exception. I have a dream, actually many! But I don’t have any sleeping issues.

Well, if this is the case, then I need to reframe the word dream as wish. A wish, that most of us expect from life and what we receive, at the end, are the moments of regret and frustration.

We spend most of our lives juggling between the past and the future. A past that has dropped a lesson to pick-up, which can help us reshape our present in a better way. And there is a future ahead. A future, which can be surprisingly sweet, only when we add the day-by-day sweetness of efforts to our present.

As a child, we had a dream, a pure effortless dream. As we grow up, we realize our skills, but knowingly or unknowingly we start losing our focus. The prominent reason for this being the overwhelming terms and conditions associated with a dream.

But let me repeat it again, we fail to move ahead just because we lose our focus. Bill Gates, when asked to sum up his entire journey in one word, answered “focus”, because it’s all that matters at the end and it’s all that is going to make a difference.

A dream foreseen too far is not a dream. And often the pain and struggle associated with the dream become the prominent reason why we diverge our routes. Of course, the gap between the first step towards our dream and its attainment might be filled with excruciating pain but it’s up to us how we face it.

We have to trust and learn to laugh in pain, only then we can keep the spirit alive. Because in the end, all pain is worthy as it helps to change your inner self and develops your skills that ultimately make you deserve your dream.

Downfalls in life can be turned into fortunes if you have the burning desire to achieve something.

Nature doesn’t proceed in leaps. It shouts this loudly that we cannot achieve greatness in a day. But, we can always count on small achievements which, one fine day, will lead us to achieve true greatness.

A walk while eyeing the piercing brightness of the future will only leave your eyes in pain and you will stumble often. I am not pushing you to count your steps, you should not. Because it would be far more regretful if the results turn out to be disappointing.

The solution lies somewhere within your reach. Just believe in your dreams, trust your gut and your destiny as well. Life is full of surprises and miracles do happen!

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