Your Body deserves a healthy attention!

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Diet remains the most crucial factor to decide our health and body performance in everything we do. Though it remains the most buzzing factor yet we learn to hear it at its faintest as if it doesn’t matter at all.

Dieticians (of course are the rare entities we come across in our entire life!) suggests that taking a balanced diet should be our priority but over the time we learn to redefine our priorities. Our priorities, which are mainly guided by our thoughts and our busy schedules, are largely focused on attaining certain objectives and aspirations in life.

So beating the hectic routine and sparing little time for a quick-short heart-pumping activity becomes a difficult thing to do. Even resisting the temptation to eat that mouth-watering piece of junk is irresistible. But it’s the matter of habit and habits do change.

Making a slot of exertion into our busy schedules by a little planning will benefit you in many ways. Here is how you can start with it.

Walk when you can!

Body deserves a healthy attention, HealthShort distances that can be covered by walking are one of the easiest ways to benefit health. By walking you’ve chosen an eco-friendly and a healthier way. Why walk when you can fly is a philosophical hypocrisy. On a healthier ground, it can be revised as Why drive when you can walk.

Breakfast for a lively day!

Body deserves a healthy attention, HealthThat old saying about having a breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar, still rocks and-and-and NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST!


Working on a computer should be slotted for the period of not more than 45 minutes. Get up, do a little stretch and a head-rolling activity to relax. Gazing the green pastures or taking a quick walk in a garden (If you’re lucky enough to have one around) is another good way to soothe your eyes.

Meditation, Balanced-diet and Exercise! Make it your Daily Mantra.

Go Green!

Body deserves a healthy attention, HealthSwitch from unhealthy, junk food to a healthy, organic food. Go green!

A walk amidst nature!

Body deserves a healthy attention, HealthTake a nature walk often. Many of us find their re-energising factor in partying culture but choosing activities like trekking, mountain climbing is better to keep that adventure spirit alive.

Going-Up, Coming-Down, in a Healthy Way!

Choose stairs over elevator and escalator and while doing so, climb two stairs, instead of that single baby step, to burn few more calories.

And above all,

Body deserves a healthy attention, HealthForgive and Forget! Stress busters like watching a good movie, reading a nice book or maybe just laughing out loud till your tummy hurts, are some of the best ways to de-stress yourself.

So it’s isn’t that much difficult to break that unhealthy routine. Choosing and planning the daily activities wisely, and particularly, healthily, is necessary to take a good care of our body. Comment down below on what your feel should be done for a healthier lifestyle or what is your health mantra?

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