Book Review: All Rights Reserved for You by Sudeep Nagarkar

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Does long distance relationships work in a long run? How is social networking presumed to be a new way of forming or strengthening the already existing relationships? Why are we so inclined to such a relationship which is limited to textual terms only? Is it fair to trust a person whom you haven’t seen nor do you have any fair idea of his or her existence but just know him or her on the basis of few conversations on a social media? May be Sudeep Nagarkar has done a fair job trying to answer all such and other such questions that happen to be a reality of a social media, now and then, through his new novel All Rights Reserved for You.

All Rights Reserved for You by Sudeep Nagarkar, is a story of Aditya and Jasmine. Aditya is more into writing and Jasmine is exactly opposite to him. He lives in a different state, she lives in the different state. Their religions are different. But the way these two worlds coincide is one of many real catches of the story.

They get to know each other through Facebook, Whatsapp and sometimes Skype. As they get involved in social networking often, they come to know each other well and even when they realize they have nothing in common they spend a good time in each other’s presence. They start to put more and more trust into their relationships.

Their conversations not always go in a fair way, and they sometimes argue, even fight and stop all talks but sooner or later they get back to where they presume to be and may be that’s how the warmth of such a relationships never fail to comfort.

After conversing for a long, time demands their relationship to get real. It is the time when Aditya and Jasmine put their conviction on a test. Even after knowing each other well, do they rely on a second thought or they try to listen to what their heart says?

You are not supposed to send a friend request to an unknown person outside your friend circle, Facebook recommends. Even social media is well aware of the outcomes of such incidents. So, does the story of Aditya and Jasmine is real or it just turns out to be an unpleasant cheat? The answers to all such questions are scattered on the pages of this novel.

Final Word!

All Rights Reserved for You by Sudeep Nagarkar is a romantic fiction that will surely create an affection like the author does every time with his other novels. The character of Aditya is a heart of the story. All in all a sweet romantic story that you should not miss!

Book Details

Book titleAll Rights Reserved for You
Author(s)Sudeep Nagarkar
GenreContemporary fiction
Publisher(s)Penguin Random House India
Published in/on5 December 2016
No. of pages256
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