Book Review: Desert Flowers by Paul Pen

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Desert Flowers! Let me extract some sense from the words individually. A ‘Desert’ would create a sense of loneliness, a story that might be progressing at a remote location, and the word ‘Flowers’ would imply that even though it’s far away from the rest of the world it has in and around a pleasance, peace and happiness in the air. Did I justify the words precisely? Let’s find out.

Deserts Flowers is written by Paul Pen. He is among Amazon’s Top-Three best selling authors. His novel The Light of the Fireflies was a highly acclaimed novel with over 100,000 copies sold worldwide. Paul Pen’s first novel El Aviso which means ‘The Warning’ is being adapted into a film. The Light of the Fireflies and the Desert Flowers are the English titles of the original Spanish books translated by Simon Brumi.

Desert Flowers brings the story of a family that has found their nirvana in Mexico’s Baja California Desert. Rose and Elmer are the parents of the five beautiful daughters with floral names: Edelweiss, Iris, Melissa, Daisy and Dahlia. The family though sometimes witnesses the moments of loneliness spends an idyllic life far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Do Elmer and Rose always desired this life or are they are there in solace trying to secure a secret of them?

All things progress gracefully until one day when a young hiker named Rick, in search of shelter for a night, lands into their sanctuary. The couple agrees to help him with his need though in hesitation. There is something suspicious about Rick.

Do Rose and Elmer have invited a trouble for them? The mystery starts to smoke the air in the house. The story that was advancing light-footed gets heavier with the overwhelming fear and thrills. What secret do Rick holds within? Do Rose and Elmer has any secret in the past that is trying to drip down into their present?

Final word!

Desert Flowers by Paul Pen to be saying precisely is an unexpected read. Characters of Rose and Elmer and how they manage to struggle with the mystery is worth appreciating. Language doesn’t create any hindrance in reading. Desert Flowers in overall is must read for those who seek mystery, love, deception and thrill at one place.

Book Details

Book titleDesert Flowers
Author(s)Paul Pen
GenreContemporary Fiction
Published in/on8 August 2017
No. of pages322
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