Book Review: Everyone Has a Story 2 by Savi Sharma

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And when you thought an author is done with the story, another page turns-over and reveals there is no such thing as ‘The End’ and the story continues! I have read the first book ‘Everyone Has A Story’ written by Savi Sharma, and now I have another book titled Everyone Has A Story 2 added right next to the first in my shelf. So how this book proved its worth in occupying that space?

I am not much into reading mysteries, suspense or thrillers, so it’s obvious that a light read suits well to my taste, and this is exactly what this sequel offers best.

We all are witness to the success story of the first book ‘Everyone Has A Story’. The book was the bestseller of its time. But there wasn’t even the slightest thought inside my head that Savi hasn’t done with the story yet.

Vivaan, Meera, Kabir and Nisha! The four lives of the original story continue their journey towards their destinies. Challenges confront and they are left with only two choices deal with it and move ahead or just step-back. Do they fail miserably or they conquer their fate? It’s up to the reader to find it. But let me roll the dice of fact that not every story has an expected end!

Friendship, Love! What could be better than these to make any read a light read? Everyone Has A Story – 2’ too picks these elements nicely. But having these elements doesn’t mean it’s a must-read. Everyone Has A Story – 2 does better in terms of character development story plot etc. when compared with its prequel. But still, it’s not up to a point where a reader can feel its worth.

All I can say is if you loved the first book, then Everyone Has A Story – 2’ would always be on the better side than it. Those who prefer reading a simple, poetically beautiful sentences and an easy going story should definitely pick this one!

Book Details

Book titleEveryone Has a Story 2
Author(s)Savi Sharma
GenreRomance Fiction
Published in/on20 Aug 2018
No. of pages240
ISBN-13 978-9387894129
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