Book Review: Her Last Wish by Ajay K Pandey

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Author Ajay K Pandey made a debut in the literary world by novel You are the Best Wife which he told to be inspired by his own life. The novel was a bestseller making Ajay K Pandey join the league of literary stars of India. His second novel Her Last Wish is another heartwarming story of relationships.

Her Last Wish is a stirring, emotion filled saga of love and sacrifice. It is led by two characters namely Vijay and Astha. Vijay’s life is much on the downside the reason being the overwhelming rein of his parents.

Vijay’s tragically infested life gets a relief when Astha becomes its part. Vijay marries Astha and his troubles seem to distance over time. Astha is a confident, charismatic persona, full of life. Vijay feels blessed even with her mere presence. He feels an absolute control over his miseries and starts to rejoice every moment.

Her Last Wish!

Life was never fair on Vijay’s side until Astha enters his life and she becomes the only reason for his happiness. Fate pulls him back into his miseries when he discovers that Astha is suffering from a fatal disease. She doesn’t have much time. How Ajay reacts to the situation? He could just take a corner and weep on doing nothing but that’s just not what the book title says and he stands up to realize her last wish.

Vijay’s parents who initially guided his thoughts and decisions in a wrong way turn out to be his greatest admirers as covered in the second half of the story. And when you are on the final pages, it is likely that the story will leave your eyes in tears.

Final Word!

Ajay K Pandey has managed to make readers shed some tears through his pensive writing. Emotions and love are the critical aspects of the book that runs the show. The language is, as usual, simple and easy to read.

Book Details

Book title Her Last Wish
Author(s)Ajay K Pandey
GenreContemporary fiction, Romance
Publisher(s)Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published in/on30 December 2016
No. of pages208
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