Book Review: The Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal

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It’s perfectly fine from my side to queue up another review of the same book as I feel it’s worth to write about a theme, a story, a vision that deserve to reach every nooks and corner of India through every possible media, as it’s better late than never. The book is The Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal which has an inspirational drive right from the title.

Oft-times when book shelves are being stocked with love stories, a book on patriotism finds a special place for an obvious reason. The Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal is a story of four people and their passion-driven gestures against the faulty political system of India.

The four leading characters Varun, Raghav, Salman and Aditya are heading in their lives in independent directions. Varun is a software engineer and a high spirit, Raghav is an honest politician born to an inexact political family, Salman, born in slums of Mumbai, rise to become a CEO of a cafe chain Coffee Moments and Aditya is a businessman by profession who has a strong inclination towards social change.

Though they are differentiated by their present portfolio but future gives a hope to their dreams and to the nation, as their fate brings them together to work and work only one dream, to make India a better place.

Stuck in daily chores we make time for the nation for nothing but to spare words like “Pata nahi is desh ka kya hoga” without actually taking a bit of effort towards change. But hope for a better future never dies, and there are people, who grasp it firmly and works towards its realization.

As the four, step into this so called muddy political system, voices start to raise against them. Their work catches the attention of many corrupts of a nation. Enemies start to grow in number discerning the path they are onto is not an easy one, a situation that could turn out tormenting, yet the four outdo their enemies every time.

The book splits into two portions, the former casts light on the early life of these four people with a few pages solely dedicated to their love life. The second portion has a high point of four coming together to form a strong team striving towards a better nation.

The politics being the most sought after thing in India, next to Bollywood, I presume, forms the honest catch of the story plot and author Sumit Agrawal being a debutant has plotted it really well with solutions for a better India, some of which can be seriously considered for implementation.

Final Word!

The Four Patriots by Sumit Agarwal is a contemporary thriller with well-defined characters. The twists and suspense are truly gripping. The Four Patriots is not much about what snags do our political system has, of which we are well aware of, and there is no good in talking about it rather than doing, but it is more about what as an individual can we do to make this country a corruption free nation.

Book Details

Book titleThe Four Patriots
Author(s)Sumit Agarwal
GenreContemporary fiction, Thriller
Publisher(s)Rupa Publications India
Published in/on12 October 2016
No. of pages306
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