Book Review: Your Dreams are Mine Now by Ravinder Singh

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If there are any few things that I would like to emphasize regarding novels of Ravinder Singh, then it would be its book cover, book title and the pleasance it wraps altogether within, it’s subliming. Enthusiastic and eager to pick Ravinder Singh’s next novel made me stood by a bookshelf consisting of his new title Your Dreams are Mine Now which I feel is as appealing as his previous novels.

Getting Down into the story!

Your Dreams are Mine Now is a love story, but in absolute terms, is not at all an ordinary love story for reasons, some will result out of your patience in further sentences and others through the book.

Talking about characters, the story opens up with Rupali, a bright new reflective persona on the fancy, politically inclined grounds of Delhi University (DU). Rupali hails from Patna, Bihar. She is highly intellectual, and a beautiful girl who is aspiring to see herself taking career lessons from her dream institution i.e. Delhi University. Her dreams turn up as she gets an admission into the DU.

Though she becomes a part of a Delhi culture, she maintains her attire which is different from the rest of Delhi girls. It is her simplicity in lifestyle and her appealing persona that gets her into unconventional troubles in this conventionally trendy world.

Her devotion to god and in her career sees no boundaries. She plants a Tulsi sapling in a campus garden but soon finds herself becoming a subject of mockery by a group of students that arrives on the location. She feels down and scared as they all starts asking weird questions except one who remains silent.

The one who remains utterly silent is a group leader named Arjun. Arjun leads the university political party wholeheartedly. His dream to revolutionize the current political system and create an ideal society diverges his interest from textbooks to politics.

Two opposite worlds start to collide in a frequent manner. Rupali and Arjun are two different breeds. Her values, his thoughts, has no match, but life has something really nice to offer to them. Having involved in seeking justice of an outrageous activity, she gets closer to Arjun, and they eventually fall in love with each other. Arjun supports her to seek justice for someone.

Their confession of love and resulting romance is the catchy side of the story. However, an unpleasant incident changes everything. The climax reveals a dark truth, enough to bring tears to your eyes.

Your Dreams are Mine Now is an emotional-filled memoir which is loosely based on Nirbhaya Rape Case. The novel is well written and will fascinate youth but it inevitably makes you confront the truth at the end of the story that you might expect to have not have taken place.

Book Details

Book titleYour Dreams are Mine Now
Author(s)Ravinder Singh
GenreRomance Fiction
Publisher(s)Penguin Random House India
Published in/on8 March 2017
No. of pages 280
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