Book Review: Silent Child by Sarah A. Denzil

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Silent Child by Sarah A. Denzil

I was scrolling through the book titles when a creepy, mysterious title caught my attention. A Silent Child titled over an old wooden locked door pushed me on the edge of thrill. Giving words a visage requires a keen imagination, an attribute of a rare. Impressively, Sarah A. Denzil has proved that she is a good mold of such an insightful imagination.

The story of a Silent Child, outbreaks in an event when a village is badly affected by flood. Rising water levels takes down the lives beneath its surface one by one. Aiden, a six-year-old boy is believed to have lost his fate in the event and must have fallen victim to the calamity.

Emma, Aiden’s mother, strangled in a grief, seeks his son everywhere. But what she witnesses only makes her grief more intense. Aiden’s red coat floating over the surface appears from nowhere. His red coat was an indication that he must have fallen into the river and drowned. But it was just impossible for Emma to engulf such a painful truth.

For almost seven years Emma lives in a hope that Aiden, will stand up to her beliefs, but she was wrong and the day comes when he is declared to be dead.

Emma pushes herself up and tries to regain control over her disturbing past events. It’s been ten years now and Emma has already stepped into her new life. She is married, has a loving husband and is also going to deliver a baby soon.

Everything seems routine when Aiden returns in a strange manner. Wrecked, both physically and mentally, his clothing and health condition speak a lot about all the horrors he’d been through, but he himself loses his voice to speak. Aiden was captured, but as he has lost his voice, he is unable to reveal anything about her situation. Emma decides to dig down the true cause of all sufferings she and Aiden had been through.

Final Word!

Sarah A. Denzil is a British suspense writer, known for writing many engrossing suspense titles. Silent Child is a crime thriller and has been written with not so heavy words or any sort of complex sentences but in a comprehensible, and to great extent, intriguing manner.

Considering the blurb, the story is not as impressive as it is portrayed. But admirers of crime/suspense thrillers will not get disappointed as this is most fascinating crime novel written ever by Sarah Denzil.

Book Details

Book titleSilent Child
Author(s)Sarah A. Denzil
GenreSuspense Thriller, Fiction
Publisher(s)CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published in/on26 January 2017
No. of pages416
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