Book Review: Tarikshir: The Awakening by Khayaal Patel

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The Book cover…

I was holding the copy of Tarikshir a few minutes before beginning with writing the review just to revive my thoughts on the book cover I had when I received it a week before, an insightful attempt to unveil the plot before actually getting into reading.

A skull of a Monkey or other similar animal, a plant growing over and through the skull, a snake slithering behind, and a greyed grass all around the cover. Black Magic for sure!

But there is a green plant in and around the skull that is trying to defy the magic, indicating the skull has something positive in it. Again the title Tarikshir creates a loose end that is left with the reader to tie through reading.

The Story…

The story unveils in the British Era. Devangarh is the princely state of Rajasthan ruled by the brave king Ravindra, a true Rajput would justify him better.

The British army had taken over most of the princely states of India. It was time for Devangarh to surrender. But to King Ravindra, freedom was above everything.

King Ravindra appeals to the British army for peace and freedom of his people. Britishers reject the plea. A battle fumes up between Britishers and King Ravindra.

The story introduces Rudra Pratap Chauhan as the son of King Ravindra. Rudra, an amateur combatant stands beside his father to battle against Britishers. Amidst battle-period King, Ravindra is found dead. The reins of Devangarh are losing its hold and someone must come up to control it. Yup, it’s obvious that Rudra though a novice is entrusted with the responsibility of taking over the throne. He must lead the army to fight against the British.

Rudra discovers a shocking truth of his father’s death, and that is his father’s death was not an accident but a murder. Rudra starts looking for more clues behind King’s murder, a journey that pushes him down the rabbit hole. Tumbling down the hole he confronts some mysterious dark powers that have the potential to reshape the world.

Some ritualistic murders have terrorized the residents of the Kingdom. The brutal fact about murders is that the bodies are left deprived of all their blood.

A masked stranger is being spotted throughout the Kingdom. Is the masked stranger involved behind all murders? Is it the dark power that has horrified the whole kingdom.

Khayaal Patel’s Tarikshir…

Author Khayaal Patel’s Tarikshir is a gripping tale that has mythology, black magic, horror, dark powers, mysteries, Zombies, Zombies!!! Feels like you sensed the grip? Well, read and you will realise the real catch, the war between good and the evil, a human versus dark forces.

Final word…

Tarikshir is an entertaining read right from the beginning. The mystery gets deeper as story proceeds. Though Tarikshir was Khayaal Patel’s debut work, the writing doesn’t hint so in any way. In the end, the author leaves an impression, a phenomenal one, that whispers the fact that there will be a sequel to this.

Book Details

Book titleTarikshir: The Awakening
Author(s)Khayaal Patel
GenreMythological, Mystery Fiction
Published in/on20 August 2018
No. of pages358
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