Book Review: The Fragrance of Rose: Beauty. Dignity. Ambition by Chirajit Paul

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A Woman and A Patriarchal Society!

‘Times have changed’, even if it sounds moving, I feel women are still an exception to this, especially in a country like India, where women, young girls are still falling victims to sexual harassment, rape, child abuse, acid attack and other such ruthless crimes, which make up the most stirring truth of the society we are living in. The Fragrance of Rose by Chirajit Paul is a retelling of one such harsh reality of a society through life and struggles of Rinita.

Rinita’s childhood and her upbringing lacked the warmth of her parents. She grows up to an extraordinarily beautiful woman, who is full of aspirations of achieving something truly big. The only thing she is unaware and is about to reveal to herself once she steps out is that the outside world is not going to accept her as the way she expresses.

Rinita steps in her career by joining a corporate firm where her best friend Chaitali is already been employed. Rinita is a dignified woman, this is her reality. But she doesn’t know that sooner or later she would be asked to make a compromise with her character.

Rinita is approached by her boss to get involved in a sort of physical relationship, the incident which reveals to her the biting truth of this patriarchal society. She wins up to her character but gains enemies that begin a chase as she flees from a city. She disguises her true identity in order to save herself from being caught. In the course of time she, in disguise, achieves name, fame she always desired of.

What is there to reveal through the book is whether her desire to seek true love wins over her miseries or is she spends the rest of her life as a lonely soul? How Rinita gains so much of fame? Did she manage her own or she had a constant support of someone?

She had been betrayed by her friends whom she always trusted wholeheartedly but then there were her childhood friends who stood by her no matter what.

Final Word!

The Fragrance of Rose by Chirajit Paul is must read for it talks much about the most crushing truth of a society. Chirajit Paul’s Fragrance of Rose is well-written novel with an essence of simplicity and lucidness. The portrayal of Rinita and the way she deals with her nightmares without compromising with her character is the heart of the story. Aaah! And the most important, the story takes you into the breathtaking meadows and valleys of Darjeeling which forms another fascinating aspect of the story.

Book Details

Book titleThe Fragrance of Rose: Beauty. Dignity. Ambition
Author(s)Chirajit Paul
GenreCrime, Mystery and Thriller
Publisher(s)Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published in/on22 February 2017
No. of pages240
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