Book Review: Their Lost Daughters by Joy Ellis

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Their Lost Daughters is an edgy extract from the crime diaries of DI Jackson and DS Evans. Their Lost Daughters is the second and definitely a bone-chilling book in the series written by popular suspense writer, Joy Ellis.

The novel plunges into the crime scene involving cases of missing girls. The story outbreaks in an event where two girls went for a party goes missing. The dead body of one of girl is found washed away on the beach.

Another girl is found wandering in the muddy fields. Diagnosis reveals her body being injected with heavy doses of drugs and there is a low possibility of her survival. The girl manages to speak few about an incident she witnessed when her friend Emily was being dragged away from the party.

An incident of the sudden disappearance of a young girl child some ten years back, the case whose file is being stacked up on a dusty shelf, is asked to be reopened by parents of the girl. The pressure of reopening the case overwhelms DI Jackson and DS Evans.

Does the tragic disappearance of the young girl a decade ago have anything to do with the gruesome tragedies the other girls went through? Do all tragedies lie on the same string?

DI Rowan Jackman and DS Marie Evans work for the Fenland Police. Both officers have their personal struggles but they learn to sideline their personal troubles and concentrates on bringing justice to the crime of missing girls.

Final Word!

Their Lost Daughters has a grasp that shocks and keeps you clung on a particular page for a moment but the mysteries that get deeper as the story leaps ahead makes story intriguing page-turner.

Twists, thrills over the time is revealed to be the core elements of the story. The crime scene ends with a distressing declaration.

The book is highly recommended to suspense/ crime literature followers.

Book Details

Book titleTheir Lost Daughters
Author(s)Joy Ellis
GenreFantasy Thriller, crime thriller
Publisher(s)JOFFE BOOKS
Published in/onMarch 26, 2017
No. of pages329
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