Book Review: This is Not Your Story by Savi Sharma

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Perplexing book titles roughly hints what sort of mystery a novel holds within. And there are other titles which are made purely on the grounds of simplicity. Such titles usually serve as quick reads leaving a pleasing impression on readers. One such Indian author known for her lucid writing style is author Savi Sharma.

An author whose novel finds a place near bed, in a commercial sense, could be a bestseller, and one such I came across was Everyone has a Story by Savi Sharma. As I started, I just got carried away, much like a soft breeze.

Savi Sharma and This is Not Your Story!

Savi Sharma is one of the most admired fictional writers of India. Her life itself is a story that has inspired many to choose a career in writing. She was pursuing a career in Chartered Accountant (CA) and moving ahead with it wasn’t a rough career at all, but she made a confession to herself and to her parents that she want to make a career in writing.

She trusted her instincts, dared to step out of her comfort zone and marched ahead by choosing to become a full-time writer. The reason why I am putting up her story is I feel Savi Sharma itself has taken it up to make a part of her next book This is Not your story.

This is Not Your Story unwinds life and struggles of three characters, Shaurya, Anubhav and Miraya. Shaurya is a wanna-be filmmaker but gets trapped in an obsessive-compulsive chase of Chartered Accountancy on his father’s wish.

Anubhav, our second character in the story, has everything that will give him a comfort and pleasures of life. Good friends, a supporting family and an unattained dream. He is aspired to be an entrepreneur. Assessing his ongoing situations, he gets scared to follow his dreams until one incident changes everything in his life.

Our third character is Miraya. An interior designer by profession, Miraya is disheartened after her break-up. Her belief over love gets dissolved, and she decides never to fall in love again. This is could be the end of her love life but…let’s hope she regains her faith in love.

This is Not Your Story is a memoir of unearthing courage under the shadow of fear. It is a story of self-discovery, a story of harnessing faith from the disabilities and finally, it’s about never to lose faith and keep moving till you achieve what you are destined to.

Savi Sharma has presented the lives of three characters in a simple yet gripping manner. But a character that gets a major bite is Shaurya. Shaurya’s character somehow feels overshadowing the other two characters.

Final Word!

If you’re fan of Savi Sharma’s writing style and loved her earlier titles then this will definitely be a worthy read.

Book Details

Book titleThis is Not Your Story
Author(s)Savi Sharma
GenreContemporary fiction
Published in/on14 February 2017
No. of pages226
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