Book Review: Veerappan: Chasing the Brigand by K. Vijay Kumar

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18 October 2004, K. Vijay Kumar, an IPS officer, being at the front of the Special Task Force (STF) hunted down one of the most feared names in the history of Indian dacoits, Veerappan. Veerappan: Chasing The Brigand, by retired IPS officer K. Vijay Kumar, accounts life events of Veerappan from a point of view of both Vijay Kumar, who spearheaded the Tamil Nadu STF to carry out the killing and Veerappan, the most dreaded bandits in India’s history.

Koose Muniswamy Veerappan, popularly known as Veerappan, was born in a small village in Tamil Nadu on 18 January 1952. Veerappan: Chasing The Brigand brings forth much essential information about Veerappan beginning with his birthplace, his childhood insanity that led him to become the most dominating bandit across three states of India.

Veerappan began committing crimes when he was 17. He embarked on his perilous venture by assisting Saalvai Gounder, a notorious hunter and smuggler of the time. His initial crimes involved smuggling of sandalwood and ivory. To smuggle ivory he got into elephant killings, which eventually led to him killing forest officials and police officers who tried to resist his activities.

As the story takes off with the initial life of Veerappan, it soon gets diverted towards the military operations in Kashmir led by Vijay Kumar. Veerappan, as scripted in the story, initially carried out petty crimes but slowly emerged as the most feared dacoits who, much like Bollywood movies, started exploiting villagers for food and other essentials.

As Veerappan’s crime scenes crossed every limit, a Special Task Force was established to take control of his acts. STF took help of local informers and other possible helps to step further in their act but failed every time, the reason being his exceptional acquaintances with forests that somehow aided his escapade. Veerappan killed almost every suspect he felt could be the informer of STF which eventually made STF’s work a bit difficult.

The chase went on for more than twenty years and finally, in 2004, a well-planned trap under the name Operation Cocoon was carried out under the leadership of K.Vijay Kumar to capture the legendary dacoit. Everything went according to the plan and he was captured to death.

The downfall of Veerappan gave a much-needed sigh of relief to almost everyone who knowingly, unknowingly fell victim of his crime.

Final Word!

K. Vijay Kumar being from a non-writing background has penned an exceptional piece of work. The book is much about the thrilling acts of Veerappan but above all, it is about the victory, victory of good over evil. So Kudos to all the officials and especially K. Vijay Kumar for their grand success. My deepest condolences to all people who lost their lives.

Book Details

Book titleVeerappan: Chasing the Brigand
Author(s)K. Vijay Kumar
Publisher(s)Rupa Publications India
Published in/on14 February 2017
No. of pages263
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