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Love him or hate him; but if you follow cricket or have the slightest interest in following it, MS Dhoni(MSD) is hard to ignore. Following are some of the best books, we think, will tell you a lot about MSD… the cricketer and the personality.

MSD – The Man, The Leader

The life of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of the finest Indian cricketers is inspirational. This is the most simple, yet the most apt way to put it. Biswadeep Ghosh has gone one step ahead to put the story of Dhoni’s life in the form of a book.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni or MSD, needs no introduction to an average Indian. In this cricket crazy nation, there have been many stars who have lit up the grand stage of international cricket. MSD ranks up there among the best.

The best part of the subject is known to a cricket fan. But as far as the writing is concerned, Biswadeep Ghosh has done a really commendable job. If a potential reader, is clueless about the world of cricket, he/she need not worry. The books steers clear of heavy jargon and is written in a very lucid style.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s greatest achievement, according to many, is the power of self-belief that he has instilled in a nation deprived of privileges. Indian cricket team used to be the highest stage for expression of already set schools of cricket like the Bombay cricket, Madras or Delhi cricketing circles.

But along comes a man, from a part of India, which is generally poor and under-privileged, not only in cricketing terms, but also, in every conventional sense.

MSD’s rise through the ranks through the Indian cricket can be described as: he came, he saw, he conquered. Dhoni used to play school cricket, only as an avid sportsperson, who had a knack for the game. Like any other small-town youngster, he was also fond of planes, cars, bikes along with cricket. He was never a born-to-be-cricketer. Circumstances led him to become a traveling ticket examiner, on one of India’s busiest train corridors.

But he struck with his passion for cricket and his big moment came after being spotted by the right people at the right time. He was a boy wonder, probably a first in the cricketing world who could score a six on a yorker ball. His heroics in the shorter version, after being selected in the national squad, earned him attention and great popularity. Most notably, his match winning innings against Pakistan and Sri Lanka, in 2005, made him the heart-throb of the nation.

But he did not let his success get into his head, a fact which had ruined many promising Indian cricket careers. His down-to-earth attitude came through as his main attribute more than any of his achievements.

Selectors made him the national captain, a role, which he so ably handled that, he is now widely regarded as the best Indian captain! The first Twenty-20 World Cup in 2007, One-day Internationals World Cup in 2011 and most importantly, the number one ranking for India in test cricket, are the best of his contributions to Indian cricket.

More importantly, the humbleness and straight-forward attitude, with which he carries himself, have made him a prime example of great leader and sports person for youth across the world.

Biswadeep Ghosh has chronicled the rise of this man from extremely humble background to the helm of affairs of Indian cricket. Naturally, this book is written to inspire many a youth to take cue from the rags to riches story of Indian cricket’s poster boy.

The only thing that may be a bit of surprise to for the readers is the singular dimension of the biography. Biswadeep Ghosh has steered clear of all the controversies surrounding the cricketing life of MS Dhoni.

But he has a very good reason for doing that. In the larger context of MSD’s life, this occasional flips have been very inconsequential. He didn’t want to divert the narrative from the tremendous leap of faith Dhoni had taken and its effect on the psyche of the potential Indian cricketers or the fans. These aspects far outweigh the little controversies in Dhoni’s life.

Also, Biswadeep Ghosh did not want to comment on some things which are obscured by speculations, rather than decided on facts.

Another interesting aspect of MSD – The Man, The Leader, is that, Biswadeep Ghosh has written it without any regular sittings with his subject. He believed that it would affect his own narrative and understanding of MSD – The Man, The Leader!

To sum up, MSD – The Man, The Leader is simply a wonderful account of a man, who has forever changed the face of not only Indian but the world cricket, in a very positive way.

Book Details

Book titleMSD – The Man, The Leader
Author(s)Biswadeep Ghosh
Publisher(s)Rupa Publications
Published in/on2015
No. of pages264


Captain Cool: The M.S.Dhoni Story

Heart-warming, is the one word that comes to mind on reading the book Captain Cool: The M.S.Dhoni Story, by Gulu Ezekiel. In a very easy and reader friendly tone, Guru Ezekiel has complied the story of one of the most celebrated sporting character of India, M S Dhoni.

M.S.Dhoni came into the Indian cricket team as a much needed wicket-keeper who also be a decent batsman. But the story does not end here and nor did it began from his entry in international cricket. Gulu Ezekiel’s, Captain Cool: The M.S.Dhoni Story, is much more than his public life, which is already well-documented in record books and dissected in cricketing circles.

It is about the making of the man from humble roots, to being the torch-bearer of Indian cricket. It is a book about how a boy came from the non-traditional bastions of Indian cricket and went on to achieve even greater feats.

Consider this: No Indian wicket-keeper had score a cricket century till as late as 2005. For a country, where cricket is religion and having a legacy of producing some of the finest batsmen, it was something really amusing, to put it mildly. Then, along comes, a long-haired and determined young lad, who did score that 100.

It marked the beginning of a new chapter in both Indian and international cricket. A boy from now-here was going to take cricket by storm. Captain Cool: The M.S.Dhoni Story, can very easily be read by children. But the story itself is no child’s play as aptly brought out by Gulu Ezekiel.

M S Dhoni was born in Ranchi, in a middle-class family in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand, then a part of Bihar. His humble origins failed to force him go conventional and look for a career to earn daily living. He loved sports, especially football and cricket, and was determined to make most of his love for it.

Gulu Ezekiel had researched for this book very painstakingly and through the use of many of his contacts in media and the cricketing landscape. Some of the innovative adjectives for Dhoni that he has come up with, in Captain Cool: The M.S.Dhoni Story, will give cricket commentators a run for their money.

But the central description for M.S.Dhoni, that is widely used and is ever-popular is ‘cool’.

According to Dhoni, himself, if someone is already carrying 100kgs weight and if a mountain is put on his back, it hardly makes a difference to the pressure! That’s his whole attitude towards handling the expectations of a billion plus population.

There are two equally phenomenal aspects to M.S.Dhoni; Dhoni, the cricketer and Dhoni, the captain. Gulu Ezekiel has brought out each of these aspects in very elaborate detail in Captain Cool: The M.S.Dhoni Story.

Dhoni failed to impress selectors of the zonal side in his early days, when he was working with the Indian Railways. But he developed his game, with the help of ordinary coaches and observation. He invented his own appeal and swashbuckling style of play, in the process. The helicopter shot, dashing approach, a wicket-keeper batsman previously unknown to Indian cricket were all the new attributes that brought him into the international game.

Captain Cool: The M.S.Dhoni Story, very sensibly also details the innovative selection policy of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) which spotted the merits of an upcoming genius. After a few glitches, M.S.Dhoni, suddenly came into the lime-light in 2005. A couple of astonishing performances made cricketing heads sit-up and take notice. Dhoni credits this rise to his unconventional yet very effective training and preparation.

Dhoni was a wicket-keeper batsman comparable to Adam Gilchrist, but, as some argue, with an even better understanding of the game. He has gone on to become one of the greatest finishers of the game, a fact, so effectively brought out by Gulu Ezekiel.

To understand Dhoni, the captain, Gulu Ezekiel, has scraped to every minute detail of M.S. Dhoni’s life. Dhoni was unlike many other cricketing greats like Sachin Tendulkar or Brian Lara, who came from some of the best cricket schools in the world. He was not only passionate about cricket, but also armed forces, planes and bikes. This gave him an outsider’s perspective, an outlook, so vital at the highest levels of the game.

Captain Cool: The M.S.Dhoni Story, describes how he read the game better than some of the best players of the game. That is why, he did what a Tendulkar, Gavaskar, Richards, Lara or even a Ganguly failed to achieve; he was the first captain with all the major world titles of cricket.

It was a legendary feat. Many players have gone on to become great batsmen or bowlers but M.S Dhoni became a great batsman, wicket-keeper, captain and a finisher with a cool head as though it came very easy to him.

Gulu Ezekiel has won the heart of cricket fans and also every curious reader by so beautifully demystifying one of the best and of course, the coolest, cricket players of all time in Captain Cool: The M.S.Dhoni Story.

Book Details

Book titleCaptain Cool: The M.S.Dhoni Story
Author(s)Guku Ezekiel
Publisher(s)Westland Publisher
Published in/on2013
No. of pages250

M S Dhoni : Captain Cool

M S Dhoni: Captain Cool is a brief and a cool book, just like his brief and cool stints on the ground to finish of matches. Ayaz Memon is one of the few sports journalists who lends credibility to cricketing stories. Together, with Indranil Rai he has chronicled one such swort and sweet story. It is about the life and times of M S Dhoni.

Ayaz Memon, in collaboraton with Jaico Publishing has brought out the story, M S Dhoni: Captain Cool, for all Dhoni fans. Especially, all the M S Dhoni fans, who are not avid readers but have a keen interest in following the story of man who brought the word ‘unorthodox’ into use, in a very orthodox way.

M S Dhoni: Captain Cool, is a short book, true to its name. Ayaz Memonand Indranil Rai make use cool descriptions all through out the book. It describes the life of India’s all-time great sports person M S Dhoni, in a very casual and easy to read. If one is following a major cricket tournament, like a World Cup or simply spending a lazy weekend, M S Dhoni: Captain Cool is one worthy read.

As the readers are eager to know, M S Dhoni: Captain Cool, sheds light on the career origins of the man more than his on-field heroics. Simply put, it is about M S Dhoni, a boy from the one of the most disadvantaged cricketing corners of India. Very briefly, the book highlights how a football goalkeeper in school, turned his sporting ability and love for the field towards cricket.

Chhota Nagpur, is one of the many resourceful regions of India which is vastly poor in every sense. Dhoni, is one of the middle-income group kids, with typical Indian background. His family was financially strained like many others. He developed major interest in sports during his schooling. As a goal keeper of his school football team, M S Dhoni’s then coach, wanted this boy to display his talents on bigger platforms. But Dhoni was destined to be a cricketer.

His early days playing cricket, to put it bluntly, were abysmal. As a small town cricketer, of a relatively poor team, there was very less attention on him. He worked as a Ticket Collector in India Railways, for financial reasons and continued to play cricket. In the beginning, he wasn’t selected for the Railways cricket team. But M S Dhoni did not lose heart and kept trying hard.

His exploits on the field continued and finally he got picked into the Ranji side. From that platform, there was no looking back. Ayaz Memon, describes how later successes followed in quick succession. M S Dhoni was picked in the Under-19 squad and later, in the India ‘A’ team. True, to his talents, Dhoni performed extremely well in the ‘A’ team.

But it was a while before he earned a place in Indian national cricket team. Gradually, His explosive and unorthodox styles, soon brought, M S Dhoni into focus. He went on to become India’s most successful wicket keeper batsman. Further, M S Dhoni: Captain Cool, is about Dhoni being bestowed with captaincy and his very interesting and unusual tactics. These qualities won India major titles.

The first ever Twenty-20 World Cup win, reaching the highest rank in the highest form of the game, a very famous World Cup win in 2011 and two Indian Premier League titles for his franchise were achieved under M S Dhoni or Captain Cool. According, to the book everything Dhoni did resulted in success for Indian cricket.

M S Dhoni: Captain Cool, also reflects on the criticism of Dhoni’s batting style, some puzzling decisions and unwarranted stroke-play. The book, explains briefly, how his credentials were both as a captain and as a player were questioned. Then, there is M S Dhoni’s life away from cricket, squeezed into the book. It includes his association with film stars, like John Abraham, love for fast bikes and a being a brand name endorsing close to 20 brands.

The narrative of M S Dhoni: Captain Cool, is very interesting as it does not follow a chronology. Also, Dhoni’s off-field life is given more word space than his cricketing life.

For a fan, who wants to know and understand M S Dhoni without having to read too much, M S Dhoni: Captain Cool, is the most suitable book. Ayaz Memon and Indranil Rai have done some great work to keep it short and sweet.

Book Details

Book titleM S Dhoni : Captain Cool
Author(s)Ayaz Memon and Indranil Rai
Published in/on2013
No. of pages96
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