Common Foods That Can Kill You!

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Did you know that you could have consumed a killing food right anytime this day? Surprisingly some of the most common foods that can kill you form a part of most of our diets.

Know more about these potential edible killers which may be on your plate as you read this!

1. Rhubarb

Rhubarb is used to make lavish drinks and also in pies and baking items. It forms a part of many sweet dishes.

But rhubarb leaves are toxic because of a chemical called oxalic acid. In common terms this is nothing but a bleaching agent! Notoriously, rhubarb was used as a substitute for scarce vegetables during World War I. Soon there were reports of food poisoning and deaths of soldiers and livestock.

2. Elderberry

Elderberry is one of very common foods used in wine, jams or medical preparations in South West Asia, western regions of North America and Europe. But do you know that apart from the ripe fruit every other part of this plant is highly toxic?

Elderberries lose their toxicity on boiling properly. But if consumed raw these can lead to food poisoning. Raw Elderberry leaves or stems produce cyanide upon digestion. Hence it is best only enjoy jams, wines or other processed foods made from this tasty fruit.

3. Potato

We tend to store large amount of potatoes in the house for regular consumption. But some potatoes can easily go bad with time. Solanine, a deadly poison is produced in small quantities in potatoes. In fact, this is the one of the most common foods that can kill you easily.

Next time while using potatoes in your food, do watch out for the slightly green ones. These are now poisonous foods and eating these leads to diarrhea, confusion, headaches or cramps. All these symptoms can also aggravate and lead to death! Only eat fresh potatoes or at least watch out for the green ones!

4. Almond

There is a good reason why we buy almonds from the stores and not look for them in the wild. Although it is a relatively costly fruit, its evil twin, the wild almond is poisonous. Its nuts look nearly the same. But unlike other common foods this one can kill you painfully.

The one we eat is the sweet variety with health benefits. But those in the wild are bitter and contain hydrogen cyanide. If consumed it may cause instant death!

5. Lima Beans

You might wonder how these harmless, rather, healthy beans could possibly be dangerous? Raw lima beans also contain a chemical which turns into hydrogen cyanide on consumption. But if you must eat these make sure the beans are cooked thoroughly.

6. Fugu or Puffer fish or Blowfish

Humans always love to go an extra mile in any endeavor. Case in point is the eating of blowfish. It is one of the most toxic or poisonous common foods in the world. Tetrodotox is a deadly poison present in large proportion in its skins, scales etc.

But it is also a delicacy, especially in fish loving cultures like Japanese. Hence, they eat it with extreme precautions. In fact, only properly trained and select chefs are allowed to serve blowfish preparations. There is no antidote for poisoning from this fish.

It is very, very tasty but slight mistake in any stage of preparation and you could end up dead!

Do you know any such foodstuff which can be lethal? Please do let us know.

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