Countries that are likely to be underwater in the next 20-30 years

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A country emerges as a potential territory based on certain criticalities. Possessing state-of-the-art technology especially in the context of defense, unity in a population, strong economy etc., are few prominent strands that decide how powerful a nation is.

And now what if I tell you that a particular country is just going to disappear in the near future.

Prediction for a country of rising as a nuclear powerhouse and thus raising their nation’s flag by demonstrating superior nuclear capabilities is putting the whole world under threat.

Another major challenge that the world is confronting and the environment is battling is the climate change.

Climate change is real. It was real even four to five decades back, but its rise to an alarming level is been recently understood.

Global warming, an average rise in the Earth’s surface temperature, is the most critical form of climate change. The resultant action of global warming is very serious as it is correlated directly with a rise in the sea-level by almost a 3-4 mm per year due to the melting of ice in Arctic and Antarctic regions.

“A control over the reasons responsible for climate change has already lost the grip.”

Certain territories are more prone to suffer the outcomes of climate change than the others.

Here are the few countries that will disappear due to global warming and may expect and unexpected circumstances in the near future.


Countries that will disappear due to global warmingWhat better awareness strategy you can think of than to hold an official cabinet meeting straightway underwater.

Yes, The Republic of Maldives, a South-Asian island country located in the Indian ocean, carried the meeting which proved to be the world’s first underwater cabinet meeting held on October 2009.

Countries that will disappear due to global warmingMohamed Nasheed, the president of Maldives, and his other ministers held the meeting as a part of an international movement to create a global sensitization of the rapidly changing climatic conditions.

With an average altitude of just 1.5 meters above sea-level, Maldives is the planet’s lowest average altitude, thus, making it more prone to the consequences of climate change. Maldives is considered as the third most endangered country threatened by the rising sea-levels. Maldives is prominent among all the countries that will disappear due to global warming more likely.

Predicting the future scenario, the president of the Maldives made a decision to purchase new lands near Sri-Lanka, India, for creating new homes for relocation.

He specified in an interview that if the carbon emission does not slow down its pace, his country will surely fall victim of the rapidly changing climatic conditions.


Countries that will disappear due to global warmingKiribati, a place you might never be heard of but is an amazing spot on the world map. The country was under British invasion but gained its full independence in 1979. It comprises 33 atolls (ring-shaped coral and reef islands) located in the Central Pacific ocean.

According to Pacific Regional Environment Programme, two of the uninhabited Kiribati islets are already underwater since 1999. Thus the rising sea-level has become the major threat to the country.

The Government of Kiribati is planning to buy land near Fiji to relocate their people if the situation gets worse.


Countries that will disappear due to global warmingTuvalu is an island nation in Pacific ocean lying midway between Australia and Hawaii Islands.

With an altitude of just 2 meters above sea level, Tuvalu is the least polluting country in the world yet it is been recently highlighted as the most endangered nation due to global warming.

U.N’s report in 1989 specified that at the current rate of rising sea level, Tuvalu is more likely under threat among other countries that will disappear due to global warming in the next 30 to 50 years.


Countries that will disappear due to global warmingFiji is an archipelago of more than 330 islands, out of which around 110 islands are inhabited. Fiji is an island country in Melanesia, situated in the south Pacific ocean.

According to the fourth assessment report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on climate change, Fiji’s residential population is getting severely affected due to sea level rise. Coastal erosion is putting livelihood at a greater risk.

Solomon Islands

Countries that will disappear due to global warmingA sovereign nation, Solomon Islands is a small heaven of around 30,000 sq.kms. It was discovered in 1568 by a Spanish traveler.

To the east of the Solomon Islands is the Papua New Guinea and to the Northwest is Vanuatu, which itself are the two most endangered nations due to global warming and rise in the sea-level.

Solomon Islands are slowly being engulfed by the threatening rise in the sea levels.

Countries that will disappear due to global warming in the near future are making bold movements to spread a word of cutting the carbon emission. One such bold step was 2009’s Maldives official cabinet meeting held under water.

The CO2 percentage in the atmosphere is at an alarming level and is climbing the graph day-by-day. If we don’t take this seriously now we all likely to lose many of our neighbouring lives and pristine regions of the Earth.

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