5 First Date Tips to Create Good Impression

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Creating good impression on first date is not difficult. But for most of us it is seems like diving in water the first time and winning an Olympic medal!

Contrary to popular belief, first date is not about perfect or great first impression! So what is it all about?

Here are 5 practical and the most useful things to do to create a good impression on first date.

1. Be yourself

Sounds simple! Trust me it is not. Most of us try very hard to look good. Some rehearse certain good jokes to create a good first impression. But the key to a good first date is not creating an impression.

It is simply to introduce yourself to the other person. This ‘Yourself’ is your true self and not you at your best. The goal of a first date should be to win the second date. It is not bombarding your date with all your good qualities.

Understanding this is crucial for success of the first date. Additionally, it will ease your nerves and save precious resources you would spend on unnecessary preparation.

2. Understanding is more important than expressing

Your date will like it if you would listen more rather than talk more. Remember it is as much about the other person as it is about you. Don’t think for a moment that they want to know all about you, your strengths or weakness in one sitting.

Give a patient ear to their words or expressions. They say, ‘A girl can say more in sigh than a guy in speech.’ Therefore, if you are a guy dating a girl, try to read between the lines. For girls dating a guy, know that it is okay if he goes overboard with the stories. Listen intently and you win a heart.

3. Honesty is the best policy

The above lines are not just words learnt in school or morals taught by parents! Apply these to create a good impression on first date. It is preferable to clear a single good misconception about you than telling 5 lies boasting yourself.

Question your seriousness about taking things forward? Never lie or hide something. If this does not work, the date was never worth the effort. But if it works, your date would take you along with your deficiencies. Who knows, if all goes well, this could even be the right match for you!

4. Chill, especially on first date!

Everyone has multiple issues. Don’t go on a date and start complaining how hectic the traffic was or how sick your boss was the previous day, etc. Negativity is not only bad for you but is also a mood killer for the person opposite to you.

Relax and simply appreciate a good cup of coffee. Share a joke. It is probably one of the best things to do create a good impression on first date. Nothing beats a good joke for a good conversation! Just be there in the moment with your date.

5. You are already there

Don’t think too much or be formal. The fact that you are on a date itself is a proof that you have a good first impression on your partner. Hence, share an activity like a casual morning jog, a trip to a local zoo or a trek in nearby mountain.

You may not even realize but such activities reveal a lot of character and create an instant rapport. These bring out your true self to your partner and vice versa. All this happens without any deliberate steps or exchange of nervous looks.

At the end of the day, creating a good impression on first date is putting your best foot forward. It is not attaching ‘the best foot’ to yourself temporarily or hiding the metaphorical foot from your date.

If you get this, you are definitely on course for a healthy and meaningful relationship!

Have you ever been on a date? If not, do you find this article helpful? Share your thoughts with us in comments section.

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