Destructive Volcanoes that could go Kaboom in Next 5 Years!

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Volcanoes are one of the most feared natural phenomenons! Do you know that some of these might can go off just like that! No warning only destruction volcanic eruption out of nowhere! Geographically, it may be a creative process. But it can also cause an almost apocalyptic event.

These already triggered nuclear bombs’ are-

1. Mount Katla

To state directly, Mount Katla is already beginning to show signs of eruption. This volcanic peak is located in Iceland, which is surrounded by chain of volcanoes and volcanic activity. Recently, Eyjafjallajokull, another smaller destructive volcano spewed ash all over West Europe triggering panic in 2010.

This volcano is fed by the same lava which feeds Mount Katla. Historically, whenever Eyjafjallajokull had erupted it was followed by Katla’s eruption within months. Since the former erupted in 2010 Katla might well be already on simmering! Last such rise in activity was recorded in August 2016.

If Katla does erupt, which it might, it could adversely affect cropping patterns in many areas of the world. And this one is not even a supervolcano!

2. Taupo Supervolcano

This one is situated in Northern New Zealand. A characteristic feature seen from its previous emissions was the rhyolitic magma content. This simply means Taupo’s eruption is relatively more violent and filled with large amounts of gas. The amount of mud (silica) in its cradle gives it an extremely violent nature.

It is known to erupt roughly every 1000 years. And the last major volcanic eruption took place nearly 1800 years ago. It is not due but in fact overdue for an eruption! The last sign of simmering activity in it was noticed in 1870 which could only mean a coming volcanic event.

3. Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius is perhaps the most well-known destructive volcano because of its presence in history and literature. It had famously destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 AD. Vesuvius is known for spewing huge amount of matter up in the air along with toxic gases. It is also long overdue for eruption.

But this is not the most dangerous aspect of Mount Vesuvius. The danger lies in the population surrounding its slopes. Historically, this area has always had large settlements. The large Italian city, Naples lies virtually in Vesuvius laps. In case of a volcanic eruption, nearly 600,000 people will be directly ‘in the line of fire’.

The Italian government has already put in place an evacuation plan in place to meet any eventuality. But there are doubts with regards to any plan considering because of experiences from previous volcanic eruptions. People were crushed or buried alive in a rain of rocks back in 79 AD. There are evidences of 80 bodies frozen like statues due to severe thermal shock.

Mount Vesuvius is a ticking time bomb to say the least!

4. Popocatepetl Volcano

A little over 50 km from the capital of Mexico lies Popocatepetl Volcano. This is perhaps the most destructive volcano in terms of population it can directly affect. But the bad news is it is already erupting!

The last violent volcanic eruption occurred in 800 AD. But it has been constantly erupting with moderate intensity since past few hundred years. In fact, a major evacuation was carried out as recently as 2000 when it exploded. It saved more than 40,000 lives!

In March 2016, the volcano spewed ash resulting in nearly 3 km high clouds! Eruptions continue, with the last major one occurring in August 2016. Disruptions are a part of routine life in and around Popocatepetl. If it does go off in full force, millions of residents will be in immediate danger.

Popocatepetl is already a disaster which can unleash its full force any day.

These destructive volcanoes form immediate threat to normal life. But there are many such like the Yellowstone Supervolcano which can prove disastrous. If such volcanoes erupt, it would have fare reaching consequences in space and time.

Do not forget to let us know if you have additional information about destructive volcanoes which will go kaboom in near future.

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