Dhoni Steps Down from ODI and T20 Captaincy! An Era Ends to Make Way for a New One

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni steps down as India’s ODI and T20 captain. Indians get overwhelmed more often than not, especially when it comes to cricket. But this man had taught Indian cricket to be calm. Perhaps this was his greatest gift to Indian cricket as a captain.

That he won all major ICC trophies along with number one position as Test captain of India is just a statistic. But MS Dhoni never played for better statistics. He just had his own, calm logic of operation.

Endless times Indian cricket fans have skipped watching a cricket match when Sachin Tendulkar got out. Indian cricket was famous for its certainty of being uncertain! May be that is why, despite greats like Tendulkar, Ganguly or Rahul Dravid we failed to perform on big occasions.

But enter Dhoni and things changed for Indian cricket. We learnt to win when no one thought we could! MS Dhoni made it a habit for Indian cricket to win despite being down and out. Therefore, when Dhoni steps down as limited overs captain, we feel as though Dhoni’s retirement has been announced!

He still is one of the world’s finest wicket keepers, one of the best batsmen and an excellent reader of the game. He is also arguably the best finisher in the game. But one might wonder, what is his legacy as Dhoni steps down from captaincy?

It is not the greatness of his all-round skills or being the man who led India to win the top prizes in international cricket. It is a pretty simple legacy; Taking Indian cricket forward one game at a time!

Both as a captain and a player, Dhoni did whatever was best for his team at any given moment. He may have been wrong at times but his intentions were absolutely clear and brutally honest. He made tough calls when legends like Laxman, Dravid, Tendulkar or Ganguly’s game was hampering India’s cricket.

But for Dhoni, these were just steps to improve India’s performance on field. He made us realize that individual brilliance, including his own, was just an asset. It never was the deciding factor in the making of a winning cricket team.

MS Dhoni may not be the greatest of cricket players. Yet as a captain he was one of the most humble servant of the game! Dhoni’s retirement might just be a matter of time now. There will be another great leader taking over.

But for now, we reflect on a man with a non-traditional, unique and yet an expert understanding of modern cricket. As MS Dhoni steps down as captain of India’s ODI and T20 team, we know that an era has come to an end.

But cricketers and cricket fans will remember this era. Because it was the era of one of the world’s finest captains; Captain Cool-MS Dhoni, who never made a big deal out of anything!

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