4 Good and Bad Driving Habits Everyone Should Know

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Imagine a call announcing accident of your father or daughter or some loved one! Even the thought is outrageous and terrifying, isn’t it?

India is one of the most dangerous places to drive in the world! But before we start pinning blame on others let us introspect our own driving. Following are 4 simple do’s and dont’s of traffic which will help you in the process.


1. Wear safety gear

A helmet and seat belt is the first line of defence in any unfortunate event. Honestly think how many deaths or life changing accidents of your near and dear ones avoided with these simple safety equipments. Surely, more than half in most cases!

Start wearing helmets and putting on seat belts the next time you move out. Also advice as many people as you can and see if the positive results yourself.

2. Regulate speed

Speed regulations are there not to slow you down but to enable smooth flow of traffic on the entire stretch of your drive. Speed limits also avoid the countless road accidents.

Control your adrenaline rush and even fears because speed regulation is not only for checking fast drivers but slow drivers too. Just follow these regulations to come home and sound.

3. Learn to respect traffic signals and road signs

Honouring traffic signals and road signs almost seems insulting for many drivers. But do you know that the cause for your traffic woos can simply be you, missing the previous red light or no entry sign?

There can be only few seconds or few minutes separating a rule follower and a breaker. But it could be the difference between life and death too!

4. Extra care and caution

Many people disregard weather or alien conditions to show off their driving skills. But unfamiliarity requires respect not confrontation. Make sure that all travel requirements are known to you and the people around you.

Also, ensuring that your vehicle or driver is well rested and in good condition can save your arm or life from an accident. These little habits cost almost nothing but are very useful to solve traffic hazards of your city, state and ultimately country.


1. Drink and drive

Drunken driving is one of the leading causes of global road accidents. More so in India. There can be no simple way to address this serious flaw. Just don’t drink and drive! Full stop.

2. Get distracted while driving

Many talk on phone, play games and pranks while driving. There are still more who drive in rage, in blind joy without caring for safety. A blink of eye is enough find yourself tumbling or bleeding.

Worse still how would you feel if the person you damage is one of your loved ones? So avoid all distractions however small these are. Overwhelming statistics have shown that whatever work, ‘important call’ or distraction you get, can be put-off till your next stop. So why take this risk? At least you can do is to let the person sitting with you to attend such calls or distractions.

3. Park haphazardly

Parking is part of being in the traffic or on road with your vehicle. Parking rules are also the most casually treated and broken. This adds to the mess that dot every single Indian city!

Just don’t ignore parking regulations and could be saving more than a fine!
What’s more is after shopping or eating out, you would want to head hoe without any hassle. Don’t be a reason for that hassle.

4. Ignore traffic lanes and distances

This is the least recognized danger while driving, especially on Indian highways. People jump from one lane to other like side-stepping a puddle! Traffic lining is not simply about speed or uniformity. It is about knowing your place in the larger scheme of things to avoid any inconvenience for all.

Similarly, maintaining good distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you can save your life. It can also prevent a domino effect leading to multiple accidents. Hence, never undermine these easy-to-follow rules.

None of the above do’s and dont’s need any extra-ordinary effort. But knowing and implementing this can make a whole lot of difference. While driving always remember a life saved is many precious lives and moments gained!

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