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Indians, generally, are carried away by any western fad that hits the market. Food and fitness occupy the top position, when it comes to imitation of the western habits in India. The Great Indian Diet, jointly authored by Shilpa Shetty and Luke Coutinho, the famous health expert.

The main agenda, in coming out with The Great Indian Diet, was pretty straight forward. Shilpa Shetty and Luke Coutinho wanted people to know that India diet is one of the most healthy diets in the world. The Great Indian Diet can actually help the common man on street to lead a healthier life using Indian wisdom.

When it comes to the Indian diet, there are two important areas that are addressed by Shilpa Shetty and her co-author: the true knowledge about the nutritional value of Indian food and clearing the misconceptions surrounding Indian food, while inspiring people to believe good food can result in disease free and healthy life.

There are many rumors and misguided information doing rounds in the general public related to health, especially with the large scale spread of media (the fake kind) and ill-informed near and dear ones. The Great Indian Diet disposes off these rumors with quite confidence and based on years of research and experimentation.

Little pearls of wisdom in the book help bust many of the misconceptions that were always assumed to be true like, eating rajma chawal is high on calorie count or low in nutrition. In fact it is on par with a healthy serving of eggs. Shilpa Shetty also includes her detailed account of eating habits and exercise since she is one of the most looked upon celebrities in India, when it comes to fitness and health.

There are times, when even people who follow the most strict regimens give in to cravings and a little bit of laziness over regular exercise. It is very human to do that and even Shilpa Shetty has her own food fads. But to what extent these should be given in to and what foods are a strict no-no, is very reasonably laid out in The Great Indian Diet.

The Great Indian Diet is also a book which describes Shilpa Shetty’s post pregnancy routine. Most of the common public is concerned about weight issues during child birth and after it. Then, there is also the concern of child heath in these uncertain times, where good food and health is always hard to maintain. India has one of the highest prevailing rates of diabetes, heart ailments and other lifestyle diseases.

Shilpa Shetty, shows by her own example that India food and exercise techniques are one of the best ways to regain proper shape after pregnancy. The Great Indian Diet also describes a proper nutritional regime that she followed for herself and her child. The advice for both grown ups and children in the book will ensure proper development since it is tested over various people across the world.

Luke Coutinho is a nutritionist, speaker, motivator, cancer specialist and a fitness expert who has helped Shilpa Shetty in gaining fitness and form. He is also a great believer in the Indian dietary systems sufficiency in ensuring a healthy life. Shilpa Shetty has taken great help of Coutinho for regaining and maintaining fitness and also in writing this book.

The Great Indian Diet is one of the best books on nutrition and certainly among the most authentic works on the subject released in India.

Book Details

Book titleThe Great Indian Diet
Author(s)Shilpa Shetty and Luke Coutinho
Publisher(s)Ebury Press
Published in/on2015
No. of pages288
ISBN-13 9788184007480
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