How to Become a Successful Author?

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Being an author sounds cool! Although there is a writer in each one of us, few develop this inherent human ability to the best of their potential. There are definitive traits and habits in all good writers around the world.

I have put together the most essential ones for you. Follow these and who knows you could be the next best-selling author!

  • One who wishes to be a writer
  • One who is a struggling author


  • One who used to be an author

So what is it that drives your favorite author to keep going and produce delightful lines for your enjoyment? Here is a definitive list of being a good author.

Author quirk 1- There are no Short-Cuts to Success

The sooner you accepts this fact and act, the better will be your chances of making it big. This is true, especially, when it comes to writing.

There will always be a good, legal, valid, and a logical reason NOT to write. So stop making excuses, however, sincere they are and start writing. Simply writing and doing it daily is the surest and simplest way of success for many good authors.

Author quirk 2- Start Small

The pressure of meeting unrealistic targets is overwhelming for any person. So always start small. A line a day, a paragraph the next then an essay and so on. You can also have off days or a days with 1000 words again followed by only one sentence a day! That is true for even some of the best out there.

People quit because they think being an author means writing 500,000 words daily. Such goals choke us before even beginning. Keep it simple! Write leisurely, take minor pitfalls in stride and move on.

Author quirk 3- Read, Read and Read

The counter arguments to formula 3 statement can be many! Most of us might even have come across writers who have written multiple books with relative success but have not read a great deal.

But these will be exceptions. A successful author is almost always a good reader. It opens up mind to possibilities and diversities you can never imagine. It is natural since you have only one mind, don’t you? You can be a writer without reading but you can be a really good author by reading!

Author quirk 4- Imitation is Not a Bad Thing

Idols and favorites are meant to be imitated! There’s nothing wrong with it as long as you don’t copy them blindly. Nurture a style that imitates your favorite writer. As long as it stays within ethical and legally permissible limits you are doing very good.

Suddenly, you will realize that individual instincts break free of imitation and develops into an original work. The feeling is like being able to perform magic with words! This technique has worked for some of the best names in the business. Hence, there seems no reason why it won’t work for you.

Author quirk 5- Consistency of Purpose

Writing is like any other discipline in life. There will be off days, sparks of innovation, success and failure. But important thing is to keep writing. If one has to be known as a writer one has to write. This may seem an obvious statement but think carefully; it is not!

Any writer will be judged by his or her body of work. You cannot be a good author without actually have written a great deal. People tend to stop and look only for the positives. Wrong! Keep going through thick and thin.

Your destination is your journey itself!

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