How to Lose Weight and Feel Awesome in 4 Easy Steps

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Maybe, ‘how to lose weight and feel awesome’ is the most debated subject in the world! According to World Health Organization nearly 39% of the people over 18 years in age are overweight. This simply means that almost 4 out of every 10 adults in this world have a healthy risk!

So what are you waiting for? Follow these extremely honest guidelines to reduce weight and feel awesome.

1. ‘Do’ to lose weight

Just be honest to self and ask? Do you really not know how to lose weight? Credible studies have shown that most of us do but very few actually have the will to do what it takes.

Therefore, instead of looking for reassurances or costly health experts, simply start doing things. It might seem to require lot of effort in the beginning but persist. Remember, ‘there are no short cuts to success.’

2. Start small

Reducing weight need not be about grand plans and demanding schedules. But the pressure of targets is one of the reasons why people do not lose weight. You need not begin with a 10 km daily jogging plan or a strict diet for weight loss.

To begin, just try to wake up early in the morning and sleeping early in the night. Do it consistently for a month or so.

Similarly, you can also cut down an extra chapatti, bread or rice portion from one meal. Combine these actions over a long and consistent period. You will either lose weight or gear up for stricter regime without effort!

3. Look for inspirations

We all need that extra bit of push or a role model to do something worthwhile. Again, keep it simple. To lose weight, your model need not be a body builder or your favorite athlete.

Instead, just observe a healthy kid! See how it keeps moving for the most ‘useless’ reasons. In the same way, you too can get up to have coffee, then again get up for water and so on. Inspirations are all around us. And if you really want to lose weight, look for the once around you.

4. Weight lost!

This technique is useful in almost every case if followed dutifully. Every day take some time out from your schedule and close your eyes. Now see yourself as a much fitter and a much younger version of yourself. Visualize yourself as happy and fit person.

In the same way, imagine yourself doing a big jump or bending completely, as you would want to, once you lose weight. Sincerely practice this and you will be as perceive yourself!

Doing all the above things already? Or do you want to suggest some other step? Then let us know through your comments below.

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