5 Interesting Facts about Chocolate: World’s most eaten and debated food product

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Chocolate! Heaven! Usually these two words go along quite well, don’t they? There are a lot of rumours, facts, talks, ideas about chocolate which might leave us confused. The million dollar question is how to determine whether it really good or bad for us?

We have put together 5 facts which will help you make an informed decision before you lay your hands on the next piece of chocolate.

1. Chocolate is not equal to cocoa!

The main ingredient of chocolate is cocoa, which sets it apart from other foods. Most of the health benefits associated with chocolate are actually benefits of cocoa. For example, some people in Central America consume cocoa beverage almost daily. These people were found to have low blood pressure.

But chocolate is cocoa, sugar and fats. The last two are definitely not health boosters. So chocolate by itself is not exactly a health benefit. Cocoa is.

2. Chocolate – The Antioxidant

We all know how the importance of eliminating free radicals chewing at our bones and tissues from within. Well. It can be stated with certain amount of certainty that chocolates as antioxidant and helps protect us.

In other words, anti-oxidising property of chocolate helps prevent rusting of our insides. Thus small helpings occasionally may help us keep fit.

3. Chocolate is risky in most commercially sold products!

As stated earlier, chocolate is combination of sugar, fats and milk along with other additives depending on products. These additions more often than not lead to weight gain and increased health risks. In fact, many chocolate products easily available are risky even if slightly over-consumed.

4. Dark Chocolate is good

Consuming cocoa in its purest form is hardly possible for most of us. But dark chocolate is can make up for it. Dark chocolate, especially devoid of sugar or with minimal sugar may have positive impact on health. However, everything, even good ones, require moderation.

5. Beware of chocolate related gossip and rumours!

Ultimately, it is important for us to realize that studies related to chocolate are at best ‘good estimation’ regarding its benefits. One can eat chocolate in limited amounts as part of diet or just for the happiness it provides. It can prove to be a healthy food if eaten in small quantities.

But till the time of writing this article, there was little concrete information from credible agencies to suggest that chocolate is a wonder-food with great benefits. However, we all deserve occasional bite!

There is certainly no harm in indulging in some chocolate ice-cream, syrupy hot chocolate or chocolate bars in moderation.

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