Reading is an adventure that never ends

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“Reading is an adventure that never ends”, is a perfect quote to begin with, but I cannot ignore the fact that for many others, reading is the most laborious work to do.

Reading!…not my cup of tea!

Though books on hands-on science & encyclopedias fascinated me all the time, I never completed one, yet loved to see them piled up on my bookshelf. How can someone manage to gulp down an entire book and that too only in few sittings?

I tried my best to move over the prologue page but at the end it just becomes the hardest thing to do, unless it includes some nice fancy pictures.

…so that’s the secret!

I have seen people devouring books at a quite early age, irrespective of the size of the book. And as a matter of fact, an individual turns into an avid reader crediting much to the quality of reading content and its presentation. So this is the secret of being a voracious reader!

But I discovered many different reasons why people choose reading over something. I am aware of the fact that ‘there is music for every situation’, but so are the books.

Book for soul!

“Sometimes life’s going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.” Rightly said by Steve Jobs, but going with the quote, it’s just difficult to maintain the faith in any devastating situation. Music can be a temporary cure, what we expect is something that can uplift us from the miseries of life.

A deteriorating faith needs a recuperation of good words. Finding such words in books has been the most promising solution in many cases. Once you get a hold on such a book and once you’re into it, the flow is irresistible and fair enough for a reader to devour every bit of its word.

Read to unwind!

Reading is more like tumbling down the rabbit hole, a gush into imagination, an experience which is truly magical. But this is just one way of pointing the devotion of a reader towards reading. In broad and bulky terms, it’s just unwinding oneself from his or her own personal strains defining it using terms such as mental or spiritual healing. If nothing else it at least becomes your favorite pass time companion.

Scientific backdrop

There are quite a good number of healthy reasons of cultivating reading habit. Habitual reading is known to stimulate the senses and serves as a good exercise to brain. Scientific studies proposed that a habit of reading can slow down the progress of many neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s.
This applies to a regular reader to a great extent. But it is a good thing for each one to read a book without any expectations. And to your surprise, one fine day, you might discover a fact that you’re actually walking on a reader’s track.

It’s ok to be choosy!

Choosing a book wisely is a good way to maintain the habit of reading. A good novel can literally absorb you into it, draining all your worries and stress and allowing you to relax and settle down in your thoughts.

Reading! The whole new way!

Reading can be synonymously used with tranquility which is another important feeling of a good read. Now-a-days, reading has become more indulging by use of technology.

Reading on devices like iPads and Amazon Kindle is completely transforming the way we used to read. Zooming on to a particular article or a specific paragraph by just pinching over the screen, controlling the brightness to suit your visibility, press and hold a specific word to get the meaning, are some of prominent features that enrich reading experience. But holding a purely printed and bound paper book, with its unique papery smell, is always a good option to begin with reading.

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