Most Dangerous Countries in the World

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Tired and frustrated by the affairs in our country? Wait until you go through the list of most dangerous countries in the world! It will make you feel much better.

I agree that this is cannot be an excuse for poor state of affairs in our country. But the following countries have slipped down a very dangerous slope of misery, loss and destruction. Here are top most dangerous countries in the world.

1. North Korea

North Koreans have no access to the most basic services which we all take for granted. From hair cuts to television; internet access to travel everything is strictly censored by the government. The state does not simply interfere but dictates the lives of people here.

For those who dare to set a foot astray, no less than death is the punishment! In the garb of rule of law, this is one of the most suffocating and dangerous countries in the world.

2. Pakistan

Since its formation in 1947 to the present day, Pakistan is best described as turbulent. Pakistan is one of the poorest, overly populated and the most corrupt countries in the world. What makes it worse is that there is no concrete effort on a national scale to improve this dire state of affairs!

Pakistan is used as a base by international terrorist organizations. These have wrought havoc within it, the world at large and particularly in its immediate neighborhood. Moreover, the civilian government and its organized army are mutually hostile leading to civil strife. Despite having very promising talents and huge potential, Pakistan is one of the most dangerous places in the world.

3. Iraq

Right after the invasion of US forces, Iraq has descended into chaos and anarchy. The Islamic State, popularly known as ISIS, terrorist organization is presently destroying the nook and corner of this country.

Iraq has deep civilian strife, lack of stable and secure government. To add to it, lawless and fanatic militia reigns supreme in most of its regions. There is continuous struggle to protect its citizenry and borders but it seems an endless struggle! The result is not only a permanently damaged international image but also a population ruined for at least two to three generations to come.

4. Somalia

Somalia was thrown into a state of disarray way back in 1990’s. Already one of the poorest countries in the world, Somalia has also become absolutely lawless! Gang lords, mafias, thugs and rapists roam freely on its streets. Many thugs have taken to piracy as Somalia lies close to one of world’s busiest sea routes.

On top of all these, terrorists groups like Al Shabab have made Somalia their breeding grounds. An US intervention to restore order in 1996 badly misfired. Since then normal citizens have stated fleeing the country for better countries, mostly illegally.

5. Syria

Syria presently tops the undesirable distinction of the most dangerous places in the world. The entire country is a battleground. There was a time when Syria was one of the relatively stable economies of the Middle East. But since Arab Spring it has declined to virtually a rubble state.

As if this was not enough, terrorism in form of Al Qaeda and ISIS have swept large areas of Syria. The result is one of the highest civilian casualties and mass fleeing event in history! No wonder, Syria is one of the most dangerous countries of the world.

6. Democratic Republic of Congo

Congo is widely known to top the list of most dangerous countries in the world as far as women are considered. It is also in a state of continuous civilian unrest since the past 20 years! Widespread illiteracy, malnutrition, chronic diseases are part of life here. Again, just like other most dangerous countries of the world Congo shows no sign of improvement.

7. South Sudan

Since its break away from Sudan in 2011, three factors have defined South Sudan; disease, ethnic violence and deadlock. After emerging of as a new nation, it failed to live up to the promise to deliver good for its citizens. Turns out, the new nation was just a front for opportunist power struggle. Hundreds of civilians have died amidst pitiable and dangerous conditions which continue to this day!

The list extends to many more such countries. Even India is ranked pretty high in this undesirable group! But the above ones are the most infamous ones. Do you think so too? Let us know through comments section.

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