Movie Review: Bahubali-2: The Conclusion

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Do you remember your last movie that has left an impression right from the beginning? Well if not, then you shouldn’t miss the beginning of Bahubali-2: The Conclusion, as it has an amazing start.

When the original Bahubali movie hit the theatres in 2015, we all stepped out of the theatres with two main impressions in mind, Amazing Graphics and a reason, to be revealed later, how Kattappa, a loyal slave, dared to kill the king of his own kingdom? or may be“Kattappa ne Bahubali ko kyon maara?”, sounds better.

The question went viral, in humorous sense mostly, for a certain time making people who might have had this question as just one of many facts of the movie rethink, “what is so strange about killing?” He just killed. But knowingly, unknowingly we cultured a sort of craze amongst ourselves for the characters of Bahubali and Kattappa and for the movie Bahubali: The Beginning, making us eagerly wait for its sequel.

But the fact is, Bahubali: The Beginning took pride on many things that, collectively, changed the scenario of entire Indian film industry making Bahubali-2: The Conclusion, the most awaited movie of 2016, but was finally released on April 28, 2017.

It’s been more than a year since the release of the original Bahubali movie, and chances are that people might have lessened in excitement for the sequel or there may be others who haven’t watched the original movie eventually unaware of the facts and figures of Bahubali. So considering the situation, the original movie was released in theatres a week before the release of the sequel.

Well, this was surprising, for me at least, as I thought it’s the sequel that is released with the same poster, but then I was puzzled how come there isn’t any rush outside the theatre? Do people really don’t care why Kattappa killed Bahubali? Then suddenly somebody whispered “Psst! Idiot! It’s the original movie only, the sequel will be out on next Friday, and so thus the revelation of the fact?”

Movie Highlights!

Magnificent locations of and around the majestic Maheshmati Kingdom, a beautiful, generous and a heroic queen, a minor quest for love, treachery and battle, battle and some more battle.

With a few tweaks of humour, Bahubali-2 is packed with spectacular action sequences, some astonishing, while others self-questioning, “yeh kya tha?” The movie plot creates a nice hold in the first half but wanders amidst actions and graphics in the second half.

The character of Bahubali is the true soul of the story and makes the first half phenomenal. But again I would like to mention about the graphics in the second half that feel overdone, they are mind-blowing at one instance but mind-boggling at other.

And now, finally is the time when a new humour, which I feel is already cooking up on social media, is ready to take up the space for reasoning “So that’s why Kattappa killed Bahubali”.

The story ends with the victory of good over evil, and the son of Amarendra Bahubali, the child from the epic opening scene of the original movie, becomes the new king of the Maheshmati Kingdom and the story takes a happy conclusion!

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