Mr Funny Games At An Almost Memorable Cricket Match!

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Mr Funny Games lived on South Street, Hebwala Junction in Holistan. He drove ten kilometers daily to watch cricket matches at the International Stadium, Hebwala. Nothing else mattered more to him than watching a cricket match; whether between local sides or an international one.

This is the story of one day when everything went horribly wrong. Mr Funny Games was due to watch the finals of a World Cup tournament. The tickets for the same were booked months before the scheduled day. What’s more, his home team had made it to the finals!

Mr Funny Games did not sleep the entire previous night. He played out various possible scenarios of the game in his mind. In none of these scenes did his team loose. Some way or the other, even if on the last ball, his team romped home in his thoughts.

The next day, Mr Funny Games must be one of the earliest to rise in the town. He freshened up and decided to make way for the stadium hours earlier than the scheduled match beginning. He had submitted his leave application days before, just as countless other times. And this was the finals of the biggest trophy at stake of his favorite game!

But on the way, he met a long-lost friend and had to stop over for half an hour. Five minutes after he said good-bye to this friend, cursing him all the time, he got a call from him. They had exchanged numbers and the friend had decided to use it within five minutes of their meeting.

Mr Funny Games answered only to find out that the friend was in a difficult situation. He was robbed off his wallet just after they had waved goodbye. With a heavy heart Mr Funny Games went back to help his friend. Since he was new in town, only Mr Funny Games could have guided him. After searching for an hour, together they proceeded to file a complaint at the nearest police station. It took a good three hours before he was free to go his way.

Mr Funny Games At The Stadium

By the time Mr Funny Games reached the stadium the match was already in full flow. Just as he started climbing the stands he heard a huge roar sweep through the stadium. On reaching the viewing area, he learnt that his favorite player just scored a century!

But the moment he entered, this player was out. Mr Funny Games sat motionless determined not to miss another second of his match. He did not even wave at his acquaintance also at the stadium for fear of missing out on the proceedings.

To make matters worse, the home team collapsed after that century from his favorite player. It was the innings break. Feeling a little low, Mr Funny Games hoped to be back to see his team winning. Once, back he cheered his team with no obvious results showing in their performance.

Thereafter, Mr Funny Games felt like using the restrooms. This was due to a suspicious sandwich he ate in the break. In the rest room he heard loud cheers indicating something positive happened for the home side. In the mad rush to catch up with at least the celebratory aspect of it, he sprayed water on his pants.

But he bravely endured the glares and stares to see his team succeed. It was a tense match and everybody was on the edge of their seats. Mr Funny Bones wanted to watch and not watch at the same time due to emotional upheavals.

The Climax

Finally, it came down to this. The visiting team needed four runs to win with two balls remaining in the match. The last batsman was on strike, who was also known to be a powerful hitter. Mr Funny Games wished that the batsman gets run out, just 2 runs short of the target.
Then, it happened! The batsman struck the ball hard. A home fielder was getting underneath it. If he grabbed it, it meant victory for the nation.

For Mr Funny Games this was it! Finally he would capture the image which would go down in the sporting history of their country. Years later, he would tell his grandchildren… about seeing¬†the World Cup winning moment, with his own eyes.

But again, just before the ball landed in the fielder’s hands some enthusiastic supporter blocked his vision for a moment. Celebration erupted in the stands. Mr Funny Games screamed, “NOOOOO!” but with a happy feeling. At least his team had won! He tactfully changes his ‘NOOOOO’ into a celebratory shout.

Suddenly there was a hush in the stands. It was a NO BALL! Meaning, the ball was to be re-bowled. If that was not enough, the batsmen adding two more runs to their kitty. Now Mr Funny Bones had to see through the agony of seeing the winning runs hit by the foreign team. Shocked and stunned everybody sat still, expecting to see the worst.

Again, the ball flew towards the stand and just as it was about to cross the ropes, fielder on the boundary lunged at it and caught it. Mr Funny Games went into a fit of celebration just as the catch was taken! He jumped up and down on his seat like a kid. After a good 30 seconds he realized that the people around were staring at him dumbfounded.

It was a six! Without realizing it, the fielder had stepped over the boundary to catch. His team had lost. Mr Funny Games’ worst ever nightmare which he never had come true!

That was the last cricket match Mr Funny Games ever saw or followed.

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