Book Review: My Journey With Vada Pav By Venkatesh Iyer

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Venkatesh Iyer began his enterprise with a humble dream. My Journey with Vada Pav is his account of chasing this dream. Humble yet incredibly tasty! He is the founder and CEO of Goli, an Indian super successful chain of vada pav!

A vada pav is, taken for granted, India version of burger-like fast food. Its Mumbai version is hugely popular and it is eaten with great relish, mostly, in western India. But Venkatesh Iyer transformed this street side snack into a national obsession. So much so, that his rise (along with that of vada pav) has invited global attention. From Harvard to Haryana Business School to entrepreneurial summits in remote Indian cities, everyone wants to know his story.

Hence, My Journey With Vada Pav happened. Venkatesh Iyer, just like the snack he popularized into a big ethnic national chain, worked their way up through difficult days. In this book, he accounts for the troubled times, even loss in conviction about his business idea. But he has many inspiring anecdotes to share. In a very ‘spicy narrative’, just like his food, My Journey With Vada Pav is filled with spicy anecdotes.

But the spicy narration goes a little bit farther in talking about Venkatesh Iyer. There is no denying that the rise of Goli Vada Pav business was rough. While it deals in crores of rupees now, its beginnings were as humble as any road side shop. As explained in the book My Journey With Vada Pav glorifies dome events in Bollywood style. But then again, it also, paints quite a humble picture of the bitter side of any success story.

According to Goli vada pav’s website, the brand has 300 stores. These are spread across 90 cities across 21 states, in India. What’s more, there are plans to take this humble roadside snack abroad. And the best part is that Venkatesh Iyer sustains his belief in his roots and persists with his product.

Having stated all of these, My Journey With Vada Pav, is an honest attempt at getting point through. To that extent it definitely hits the nail on its head. Venkatesh Iyer comes across as a man with a mission, no matter the thorns in the path. Who knew that a stuffing of potatoes deep-fried and served with pav with Indian chutneys would become a national snack. Except, one man’s idea and persistence with it made it real!

Therefore, I would definitely recommend this book. It may inspire you to dream big, do big but by sticking to the basics.

Book Details

Book titleMy Journey With Vada Pav
Author(s)Venkatesh Iyer
GenreNon-Fiction, Semi-Autobiography
Publisher(s)TV18 Broadcast Limited
Published in/on25 November 2016
No. of pages150
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