Nomads, The Wandering Soul!

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The First Nomad I learned!

Santiago was a nomad, a boy who finds his passion in living a nomadic lifestyle. Nomadism to him was travelling to new places and meeting new people. He steps out of his place, with few gold coins in his pocket, of which he buys a flock of sheep, to live his dream of being a nomad. Santiago’s nomadic life was The Alchemist’s real catch. Out of Paulo Coelho’s fictional world, nomads are becoming rare.

Nomads: From Ancient to Modern day!

Modern times has given rise to a whole new breed of nomads. Unlike Ancient nomads, the new age nomads, count on digital stuff to sustain their nomadic lifestyle. They travel and earn simultaneously. So they are not nomads precisely, but a wanderer, whose passion for travelling coincides with other professions such as photography, travel writing, film-making etc.

Culture in Decline!

There isn’t any doubt, that the population of these so-called Ancient nomadic tribes, has declined, for some obvious reasons, to a great extent. Those, existing ones, are few and are struggling hard to live the nomadic way of life. Most of them developed a fascination towards the modern, luxurious way of living. And so, they let down their zestful wanderings in order to find themselves lost in a crowd.

A wanderer, A learner!

Being nomads has its own pleasures. But for others, a nomad is no more than a ‘wandering soul’. Anonymously saying ‘To wander is to lost, but to find yourself first you need to lose yourself’. So one thing becomes obvious about nomads, is they are smart, actually, interestingly smart people, as they gather, through their journey, knowledge of different cultures, traditions and circumstances.

Being a nomad is troublesome, always! You live out of the companionship of any. A nomad, if a part of any family or a place, quits all his relationships before commencing his journey. You don’t do anything in routine as being a nomad you could be awake or asleep, all the time, depending on the situation.

We are all nomads, by heart. In fact, we all are born with nomadic instincts. We love to travel, we love to explore and we love to meet new people, it’s just that we perceive nomadic lifestyle as an impossible dream. And for others, nomads are the people who live a purposeless life, wandering all the time. But if you realise that travelling is your thing, then you’re born with a purpose, a purpose unique enough to help you experience things, far better and far greater than you could imagine!

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