Nothing Between Us!

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Two people, when in love, dream and crave to stay together forever. For some, dreams become reality for few others, destiny has other plans shattering their dreams into pieces, separating the lovers and destroying their lives in the process. Nothing Between Us is one such love story. Siddharth fell in love with his childhood friend Avantika and dreamt of spending the rest of his life by her side. Everything was working in his favour, before destiny decided against it and intervened. Heart-broken, Siddharth gathers pieces of broken dreams from his soul, unable to move on from the past that brought his life on the crossroads and him face to face with Kaya. She too loves Siddharth and dreams of a future with him. But she cannot fathom a way to resist and overcome the battle between his heart and conscience. Battling the demons of the past and desperately trying to build up a new relationship with Kaya, Siddharths trials are never ending, because destiny plays its cards. Will Siddharth be able to move on and make a fresh beginning with Kaya?

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