Book Review: Our Bou by Juhi The Fragrant

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Our Bou is a classic example of good story-telling in easy English by an author with a curious name- Juhi The Fragrant. This short and funny story narrates a typical Bengali household’s search for a suitable match for their son.

Interestingly and uniquely, Juhi The Fragrant begins her book with a matrimonial ad! Mr. and Mrs. Roy are keen on zeroing in on an alliance satisfying their requirements in full. Their son who works for a big MNC in Germany has all the right ticks against his profile, according to Indian match-making standards. Naturally, the Roy’s, effectively, Mrs. Roy, is quite fussy about her would be daughter-in-law.

Next, one will find that the story is quite comically written by Juhi The Fragrant. The build up begins on one lazy Sunday, with the search for Our Bou slides into a funny chain of events. Any further description of the story would be a give-away, considering its short length.

Barring a few unnecessary additions, Juhi The Fragrant seems like an author who captures the pulse of life around very admirably. Our Bou smartly uses hints of modern technology coupled with strong characterisation in rapid developments. One can sense that the author has managed lot of ideas within limited words but she has a knack for good story-telling. Therefore, Our Bou could have been expanded into a more engaging novel.

Essentially, Our Bou is an engaging social satire without being preachy. It brings forth the superficial, annoying and unreasonable aspects of typical Indian match-making system. The Bengali background of the family serves as a good backdrop for Juhi The Fragrant’s ideas.

Finally, one can easily state that readers looking for a fun and casual read will enjoy the book immensely.

The book is available to read for free online. Just visit the following link-

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