Preparing for Interviews? 4 Facts You Should Know

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Preparing for interviews is not easy! Therefore, whenever one becomes privileged enough to get an interview call it is important to be at one’s best.

Unfortunately most people either over-prepare or under-prepare. But the following 4 facts are known to everyone who has aced an interview.

1. Anything forwarded before the actual interview actually sets the tone for the interview

Your resume, photograph, recommendation is already discussed or kept in front of the interviewer before you enter the interview room. If not it is known more often or not. But we fail to realize the importance of being particular about these things while preparing for interview.

Simple checks for resume errors, photograph specifications or credibility of references go a long way in creating good first impressions. Always be extra careful about these factors since first impression could very well be the last impression. Never lie about your true credentials.

Preparing for interview also requires being up-to-date about the interview/job requirements and the interviewing company basics. But it also requires knowing yourself the best. After all, what is the point in preparing for interviews for which you won’t be called!

2. Your attire and your punctuality define not only who you are but what you can be!

Not all those who dress well or arrive on time are successful in an interview. But every single candidate who does not arrive on time or is not appropriately dressed is rejected. Unless some miracle, bribe or acquaintance or employer desperation works for you!

Punctuality and orderliness are the simplest steps in preparing for interviews yet the most underestimated ones.

3. Breathe and be relaxed to the optimum extent!

While preparing for interviews make sure you rehearse actual scenario. At the very least, try to recreate the closest interview scene in your head. Now imagine yourself answering questions, discussing issues in a relaxed, confident but polite tone. It is natural to be either nervous or be over-excited and brash.

But performing well in interview requires achieving right balance of mental faculties. Hence, practice.

4. Improvisation is the ultimate weapon

While on the hot seat, all previous facts or existing knowledge is useless unless you adjust according to the situation at hand. For example, there might be multiple interviewers instead of only one that you had imagined during preparation. Or your resume might be missing and you have to start all over from introducing your credentials or post applied for.

Know that all theory serves a limited purpose. Preparing for interviews mostly comes down to improvising based on the situation. Do not hesitate to get things clarified if you don’t understand something. Reconfirm questions if not understood well. Asking relevant questions not only clears doubts but reassures interviewer about your willingness to understand and act.

Preparing for interviews is no child’s play but neither is it as big a deal. The chances of nailing these interviews depend on how well you manage the factors in play.

Finally, understand that it is not about what you are but what you can be that will matter most!

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