Put Your Discomfort Away

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Who would actually believe that doing a few uncomfortable things might actually make you happy? There is a comfort zone in which all of us live. Breaking out of the shell and doing things that you never ever planned is an adventure. But hey, nobody enjoys life without taking risks! But just to make it clear, there is a thin line in between doing something uncomfortable and doing something that will depress you. Let me tell you how. There was a time when you hated/were scared of going trekking (because you are scared of high altitudes and the woods) but now you love doing it. You tag along whenever you have a chance. There was time when you loathed eating green vegetables but now you hardly complain because they don’t taste that bad. Try things that scare you, hinder you, which horrify you at times because if you don’t, ‘discomfort’ will be your partner forever.

Sticking to the routine life is an easy thing to do because you don’t even have time to sit down and think if you are happy or not. But when life gets stereotypic and the daily aspects of life start bugging you, sit down, take a deep breath and think whether you are happy or not. Find out the reasons why you do things the way you do. Think about what you wish to change in yourself, confirm that you are happy in your current state. Create a new space for yourself where you can introduce yourself to something new. Take up a hobby class, eat different types of food, and try finding a new challenging job, and go on a holiday on a whim. Don’t you think doing these uncomfortable things might actually take you to a happier place? Break free from all the things that you usually do.

The basic problem of breaking from a pattern is the apprehension of taking the first step. A major change might seem terrifying and might give you the creeps and anxiety coupled with a lot of self-doubt. Get out of the clutches of fear and relax. Adapt to the change slowly and steadily. The excitement that arises before doing something never done before forms a worth remembering memory providing ecstatic happiness in times of doubt.

Find comfort in the fact that every successful person has at least once in his life failed. The real reason behind success is the will to try again and again but it is always better to start with a feeling that you will not fail. Hope for a positive outcome and dive-in, enjoy the newness and the uniqueness of the things that were never on your agenda. Let the adrenaline flow through your body and feel the thrill of taking the first step. Pep up your life with a list of goals and friends that make life seem beautiful.

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