Book Review: Seductive Affair by Rishabh Puri

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I have no idea what made me pick this romance cum mystery title. I guess my recent read of ancient mythologies and mysteries proved little cumbersome and so I was in search something light read. While glimpsing the book titles in the shelves I came across this book, Seductive Affair by Rishabh Puri. The book cover clearly hinted the romance it held within, but still, it was appealing to hold mystery more than romance. So what mystery does Rishabh Puri has to present through this mysterious Seductive Affair?

Prisha Khatri is a modern-day girl. She is ambitious about her career. What she expects from her life is nothing but a professional growth. She wants to have a dream job. The book begins from where Prisha is on the first day of her office. This is it! Is this what sums up Prisha’s life neatly? Absolutely not. This is where the author takes you into the flashback only to reveal that Prisha was a college graduate and was about to tie a knot with a handsome successful man. But dreams get shattered and Prisha’s fiance dumps her leaving her heartbroken.

Prisha decides to leave her parents house so she can live an independent life, and meanwhile expects to do her dream job, and all this is just to heal her soul from her painful heartbreak. The story then travels back to present. Prisha on her first day in office confronts Rajesh Lagheri. She gets attracted to this charming yet mysterious reporter. Rajesh shows no interest in Prisha. The sorrow grips Prisha’s mind as she is being perceived insignificant by Rajesh.

Time takes an unexpected turn, and Rajesh and Prisha are unified for an official outdoor trip. The trip involves Rajesh and Prisha to attend a press conference in Mumbai. Over the time Prisha comes to know that Rajesh has intentions that go beyond than just attending the press conference. She attempts to keep an eye of Rajesh’s steps. Time brings Prisha closer to Rajesh. She starts to have an affair, or if go by the title, a Seductive Affair with Rajesh. But there is something already framed that can do a serious damage to their secret relationship. The ‘No Office Romance’ clause. Her relationship with Rajesh brings her to the brink of being dropped out of the firm.

What the reader has to unravel in the book is Prisha’s decision of choosing between what she desires and what she always dreamed of?

Final Word!

Rishabh Puri has used a lucid language to portray the story. The Seductive Affair is a novel that will find its space well in the minds of readers who want just a casual, relaxing read with a pinch of romance and mystery.

Book Details

Book titleSeductive Affair
Author(s)Rishabh Puri
GenreRomance Mystery
Publisher(s)Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published in/on10 July 2018
No. of pages184
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