Rogue one: A Star Wars story Movie Review

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Rogue one A Star Wars story is an epic fantasy adventure treat for the original Star Wars fans.

Adding to the list of Star Wars movies is a new epic adventure Rogue one: A Star Wars story. Rogue one is a stand-alone sequel to Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Episode III). The movie also forms a base to original Star Wars film Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode IV), which was released in 1977.

Galen Erso (played by Mads Mikkelsen) is a weapon designer. The story involves forceful recruitment of Galen Erso by Orson Krennick, the Director of Advanced Weapons Research, for the completion of design of a superweapon project called the Death Star. If successful, the Death Star, a space station, will potentially be able to destroy entire planets.

Jyn (Felicity Jones), a child of Galen Erso, went into hiding when her father joined the Death Star project, but now she is grown up adult, who teams up to steal the schematics of Death Star project. Stealing the plans will give hope of survival to Galaxy.

Director Gareth Edwards deserves acknowledgment for making uniquely different Stars Wars movie compared to original Star Wars movies. The movie is aimed at the adult audience in particular. Though it’s a distinctive effort, it dissolves the fun of a real Star Wars movies which includes many aliens, as this has very few alien characters.

The movie might not interest the young, new audience. But for the original Star Wars fans, the movie offers a great deal of excitement courtesy a good plot to fill the gap of the original Star Wars episodes.

All-in-all, Rogue One is a pure Lucas’s world, a world of Star wars that will prove a great treat to the original Star Wars fans.

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