Say Yes to Friendships at Workplace

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Going to work is a painstakingly stereotypic routine for many. Only a few lucky people have the liberty of enjoying what they do, how they do and where they do it. Professional and personal lives have well defined boundaries in the corporate culture and probably this where the belief of not being friends with co-workers or superiors comes into picture. The very basis of the corporate world is set on the notion that professional ties remain strictly professional and emotional imbalances do not affect work. But is it enough to be just an employee or just a co-worker at your place? Cannot you enjoy the feeling of being a good, social and friendly person? Friendships at the workplace can be a great impetus if maintained and developed properly and they may even last forever even after changing the job.

When you make friends at work, there is a surety of someone being there to watch your back, guide you and help you. They are also the people you can share a laugh with when you are having a particularly bad day. What more, they are the people who will appreciate your success and will encourage you to do your work well. They can also be the people who you will end up spending time with even after the office. They are your team in the office, your comfort zone which ensures you have a certain ease and peace while you work. Researchers conclude that friends at workplace help balance personal and professional personalities of people. However, crossing certain boundaries may not be welcome.

Friendships between co-workers of the opposite sex may lead into romantic relationships and even if love is beautiful, break-ups are not. Extensive researches show that co-workers who date each other for a considerable amount of time and later break-up are likely to create friction in the workspace. The situation becomes so taxing that almost everyone shuns the couple from any social endeavors resulting in disturbed team performances and individual productivity. Therefore, even if you are dating a co-worker you must respect your job and remember that there is nothing better than giving your co-workers a comfortable space to interact with you.

There is no need to reserve your wish to be friends with the people around you who sit for over eight hours working with you. Relax and be friendly, enjoy the priceless moments of social interactions with people at work. After all who doesn’t like to have friends around?

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