Book Review: The Mastery of You by Renu Persaud

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The first word that comes to mind after reading, The Mastery of You by Renu Persaud is- luxuriant. The book is luxuriant in so many and so diverse ways. A powerful equation, presented with simplicity, sets the tone of this well-thought out book.

From there onwards, The Mastery of You is an enriching ride of examples, diverse instances and carefully chosen vocabulary. Renu Persaud’s book is a good example of pain-staking work in research, expansion and explanation of a concept.

Coming to the content itself, The Mastery of You is self-explanatory. It is about mastering our self before we can do justice to everything external to an individual self. Essentially, the idea is to focus on self-help, improvement, needs, wishes before catering to external image of ours. But this would be a far too easy summation. Renu Persaud, herself, goes to great lengths in explaining what self-mastery is and its importance in our lives.

This self-help book begins with a story, a recollection and an association with the core subject. The best aspect of The Mastery of You, according to me, is the simplification of concept. For example, the author compares a typical individual’s lives with that of a theatre artist. She goes on to explain wonderfully how we are continuously ‘living-on-stage’ without taking a moment ‘backstage’ to recharge or focus on ourself.

Renu Persaud narrates her personal experience to make the points not only interesting but also easily understandable. This creates immediate interest in the topic and one convincingly moves into the rest of the book. In fact, the ‘anecdote-lesson-relevance-reassertion of point’ format of the book is very cleverly employed to convey author’s message.

Another noteworthy aspect of The Mastery of You is its significant help to a diverse set of readers. A housewife or a big-shot CEO, an African or a Westerner, everyone has some valuable life lessons in it.

With regards to the concepts of ‘Selfishness’ or ‘Self-Mastery’ as explained in the book, Renu Persaud is not exactly a pioneer and this book might remind some avid readers of other prominent authors like- Ayn Rand or Richard Dawkins. But to her credit, Renu Persaud has her own unique experiences and style to deal with the subject and she does it quite convincingly.

Ultimately, one can state that, The Mastery of You by Renu Persaud is an inspiring and an informative work. More importantly, it is a good read for anyone seeking to lead a more fulfilling life.

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