Top Gadgets of 2016 that makes an Awesome Gift!

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Gadgets in 2016 were some of the coolest, sleekest and slimmest marvels of technology till date. Making the technology as compact as possible without compromising on its efficiency is the need of time.

So here are some of the coolest gadgets announced in 2016, but the most popular to try on is the Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. Take a look,

1. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo, Gadgets

P.C: PC Magazine

Amazon Echo is a hands-free smart speaker which connects wirelessly with a smartphone. It’s a voice-controlled virtual assistant. And to begin with it, all you need is to download an Alexa app which is available at Apple’s App store, Google Play Store and Amazon’s very own Amazon app store for free. Once it is done, Alexa is ready at your service and you just need to ask it.

The device has an innovative beam forming technology that couples with the seven set of microphones included in the design. Together they work to catch even the faintest voice much efficiently, even if the music is on. And what’s more is that it gives a twitch of amazement to your listening experience with its 360 degrees surround sound.

2. iPad Pro

iPad Pro, Gadgets

P.C: Medium

Since the release of the first iPad in 2010, iPads have undergone serious modifications, with every new model being thinner and lighter compared to the previous one. The addition of iPhone’s retina display (High Resolution) onto the tablet platform was the biggest milestone. The latest iPad in the line is the iPad Pro 9.7” a medium sized successor of iPad Pro 12.9”. With its stunning performance and a dazzling display, iPad Pro 9.7” is one of the must-have gadgets in 2016.

3. Daydream – Google VR

Daydream - Google VR, Gadgets

P.C: Droid Life

Daydream is a virtual reality platform released by Google in November 2016. It works only with the Android’s latest mobile operating system i.e. Android Nougat.

Daydream can be experienced with its essential VR gear called Daydream View. Together the gadgets take you into the breathtaking world of Visual reality. To make your experience more thrilling the VR headset is accompanied with a small controller which is much needed when you’re in the middle of any action game.

4. Sony PlayStation VR

Sony PlayStation VR, Gadgets

P.C: OneShotHit

Sony launched its first ever VR headset in October 2016. The gadget is designed to be buckled with PlayStation 4 video console and a standard DualShock 4 controller or the PlayStation Move controllers. The gaming experience on Sony PlayStation is truly outstanding. And now with VR headsets Sony has raised its bar in the world of gaming, as it delivers a truly amazing Virtual Reality experience.

5. Parrot Pot

Parrot Pot, Gadgets

P.C: LaCollection

Concerned about your potted plant? Now, You don’t have to!

Parrot Pot is a small flower pot that can assess and monitor the optimum requirements of light, soil moisture conditions, ambient temperature requirements for a plant. It then gives out suggestions and alerts for the better growth of a plant. It has a built-in irrigation system that will water the plant as per need.

6. PlayStation 4 Slim & PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Slim & PlayStation 4 Pro, Gadgets

P.C: Pro Etgeekera

PlayStation 4 Slim, as the name suggests, is a slimmer version of the original PS4 with a rejection of optical audio port which was present in the original version.

PlayStation 4 Pro is a high performance updated version of PS4. The Pro prominently displays improved hardware performance that helps in rendering 4K videos much efficiently. Better hardware configuration promises better experience on PlayStation VR gear.

7. HP Spectre

HP Spectre, Gadgets


A spectacular gadget to try on in the list of top gadgets of 2016 is the HP Spectre. HP Spectre is one of the coolest laptops ever made. The beauty of HP Spectre has an aesthetic appeal. It has a sleek and slim design making HP boast about it as the World’s Thinnest Laptop. With a stunning hardware configuration and an incredibly long battery life, it swiftly surpasses other laptops in the range.

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