Train your Brain for a Brainy Gain!

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“There is something tickling in my head!” “Have you lost your mind or what?” Whatever be the reason, we never miss to drag in that big, bulky, Brain, sitting on the top of all the other organs, into the conversation. It’s not brain’s fault either. You just failed to train your brain properly.

Yes, you got it right, you can train it. As you do any heart-pumping activity, your body, especially muscles, demands an increasing amount of oxygen as well as nutrients. Likewise, our brain needs a constant stimulation and a balanced diet for a proper functioning.

Hopefully, we remember those dull black fonts in science textbooks used to specify about brain as a master organ, as it controls the functioning of other organs in the body. So if something hampers its functions, it is indirectly going to affect the functioning of the whole body.

As our physical fitness can be improved by adapting various fitness regimes, the brain can be benefited by a number of mental activities that can help in sharpening our problem-solving skills as well as in improving our memory, concentration power and creative abilities.

Doing the same work at the same pace and in the same way will tire your brain soon. But inculcating creativity in work will make you feel more energetic and productive at the same time.

Lifting that same weight every day make your muscles very used to it and soon you will develop an urge to push your limits by lifting a heavier weight than the previous one. Likewise solving the same puzzle every day will make you deal with it in an ease over the time.

So here are some ways to improve your mental abilities and train your brain for more skilful capabilities.

A Stimulating Read – A must-do to train your brain effectively!

Reading is the first thing you should do to keep your brain tingling but what matters more is that you chose to read something that will work as a stimulus for it. Read something difficult or something which demands to test your memory intermittently. If I said intermittently I mean it, because testing it brain often will make your brain become tired very soon.

Televisions can prove as a Smart-box sometimes!

Interactive Television, nowadays, offers plenty of choices to watch. TV shows like Brain Games, shown on National Geographic Channel is a nice trivial show for a little stretch to your brain muscles.

Puzzles & Games!

Pick up any mind game or a puzzle and start solving it. You won’t realize but you’re giving a nice warm-up to your brain. Even smartphones have ample apps to keep that organ busy.

Switch to Organic Diet!

Incorporate veggies and fruits in daily diet. Switching to Organic, fibre rich diet offers numerous health benefits. Brain demands pure glucose. So adding a pinch of Glucose to your daily diet will keep you refreshed.

Vocabulary – Learning new words each day is a better way to train your brain!

Learn a new word every day. Certain mobile apps such as The Free Dictionary by Farlex will send a new word each day when customised. A new word each day will help in improving the vocabulary and the communication skills ultimately.

Learn New Language!

Start by learning the basic words of a language. There are plenty of mobile apps available that you can choose amongst to learn different languages. They are interestingly tailored to make your learning process better.

Penning before Sleeping!

Pen Down all your thoughts and experiences before going to sleep. When reread, it will help to re-frame all your thoughts and experiences and might help you to deal with the future events in a better way.

Take a quick Nature Walk or try out any Adventure Treks to unwind.

So, these were few certain things to give your brain buddy just right push. Any more ideas on how to improve the brain power will be most welcome.

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