5 Trekking Groups in India That Offer Fun and Adventure with Great Care

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Trekking in India is one of the best ways to explore the great diversity of Indian landscapes. There are many trekking groups in India which will help you appreciate the length and breadth of the land.

What’s more is that there is relative safety, great prospects of meeting like-minded individuals and good training in basics of trekking. Besides, trekking in India offers great fun for every type of thrill seeker.

Listed below are 5 best trekking groups in India. Do you know these?

1. Indiahikes

Indiahikes claims to be the biggest of trekking groups in India. Whether this is true or not can be argued a lot. But undeniably, it offers organized, safe and innovative options for trekking in India.

Besides a range of treks to choose from, Indiahikes offers members amazing experience, good support system and lot of knowledge about trekking. It is definitely one of the most participated trekking groups catering to variety of public. From first timers to experts, everyone will enjoy the company and services of Indiahikes while trekking in India.

2. Youth Hostel Association of India (YHAI)

Are you looking for trekking groups with relatively low budget yet decent expertise? Youth Hostel Association of India can be a very good option. With some of the most economical treks, YHAI also covers beautiful routes while trekking in India.

They have classified their treks into 4 types depending on their scale and undertaking sub-division. These categories are

  • International
  • National
  • State
  • Hostel

So if you are on tight budget or you do not fuss over comfortable beds then you must try YHAI.

3. Get Beyond Limits

It is one of the most organized trekking groups in India. Like any other reputed trekking group, Get Beyond Limits helps you customize your experience. It takes you to some of the most amazing places which will make your trekking a once in a life time experience.

Get Beyond Limits is also one of those few trekking groups that specially encourage women trekkers, animal lovers and even kids to join in a suitable trekking expedition. Truly, trekking in India has become a wonderful experience because of such initiatives.

4. Trek The Himalayas

Trek The Himalayas is another excellent trekking groups based in India. This is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization with experienced and well equipped people to guide trekkers. Started in 2007 by two young enthusiasts; Rakesh Pant and Sandeep Rawat, Trek The Himalayas is for all those who love adrenaline rush of being in the laps of mountains.

Trek The Himalayas also customizes treks according to the need, requirement and capacity of the participants. So if you are with trekking groups like this one, you know you are in safe hands!

5. Bangalore Mountaineering Club (BMC)

One of the best of trekking groups based out of Bangalore, this group offers a range of adventure activities. These include camping, rappelling, scuba diving, paragliding, rafting and many more. People, who are passionate about trekking in India along with a flair for adventure activities, find this organization very useful.

Moreover, there is a fun and learning associated with each of their activity. Definitely, BMC will help you in experiencing India in a whole new and exciting way!

I am sure that you are already feeling the rush to get going on a trek right away. Thanks to groups like above trekking in India has become a must-have experience for every adventure enthusiast across the globe!

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