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Author- Amanda Hocking

Genre- Fantasy Fiction

Penn, Thea and Lexi are three young, beautiful yet dangerous girls. They caught the attention of the people of the town as soon as they arrived. However, they have set their eyes on someone else, young Gemma. According to them, she is the perfect new girl for their group. She is carefree, very pretty and has a kind of romance with the boy living next door. Her passion, however, is the water and swimming. She goes swimming in the sea whenever she gets a chance, and on one such day she comes across Penn, Thea and Lexi who spend their nights dancing and singing in the cove. She joins them only to find that when she wakes up she is feeling odd and is sure that there is something wrong with her. She suddenly feels more beautiful and powerful. Will she discover the truth of her new found powers and live with it, or will she choose to have her old life back?

Publisher- Pan

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