11 Ways People Make a Fool out of Themselves at New Year Parties

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People make a fool out of themselves at New Year Parties. True. But do you know that the number of fools such fools seems to be increasing ‘New Year’ after’ New Year’.

Want to know some of the funniest goof up’s on New Year’s Eve or just hours into the New Year? Then read on.

1. Not getting to the New Year Party

This is the most classic way people make a fool out of themselves at New Year parties. By never showing up! In the excitement to reach a place or trying to hit multiple parties one after the other leading up to midnight, people mess up terribly.

In fact, most of the times people end up spending New Year’s vomiting on the roadside. There are still others who are caught up in traffic. Their New Year countdown then becomes waiting for the traffic signal to show green!

2. Getting into a fight

Some of us get so drunk that we forget the occasion and get involved in a serious fight. Even if some of us are lucky not to get hurt, we miss out on the entry into New Year.

The worst way people make a fool out of themselves at New Year parties, is by welcoming the New Year with a swollen eye or kick in the gut! I have even seen some people spending New Year behind the bars!

3. Making foolish resolutions

One of the most common ways people make a fool of themselves at New Year parties is by making stupid resolutions. The most foolish one is not to get too drunk or skip drinking altogether.

Funnily, many don’t realize that the first thing they do in the New Year is break this resolution! Look out for such funny new year resolutions.

4. Hitting the road drunken or otherwise

This one is also one of the reasons why some people keep indoors on New Year’s Eve. The morning newspaper day after are filled with news and reports of accidents. But this act of making fools out of themselves can prove very costly!

5. Dressing foolishly

This is also one of the most common ways people make a fool out of themselves at New Year parties. December- January period is usually very cold.

People show up dressed in fashionable light clothes or skimpy dresses at a party. Such people usually end up stammering New Year wishes instead of actually saying them!

6. Calling an Ex

Some people take the significance of the day too seriously. They take drastic steps in the heat or excitement of the party. We all have some friends who feel the urge to call their ex’s.

But on doing so, they wake up in the New Year hating themselves. This is because their former partners are with their new partners enjoying their own party. This is also one of the most embarrassing ways people make a fool out of themselves at New Year parties.

7. Preparing at the last minute

If you are in double mind chances are you will miss out on many events, come the New Year. Some friends or relatives resist celebrations. But just hours before the New Year is rung in, they want to be in the thick of things.

But no vacancy for dinner reservations or no hotel is empty to arrange a quick getaway. Hell! Even the food delivery guys are too busy to take a request. Ultimately, people end up making a fool out of themselves at New Year Party which never happened!

8. Getting tricked

A friend of mine was invited to his office for a New Year party. As he stayed very close to the office, he decided to walk there minutes before the New Year.

On reaching there he got a call from his boss wishing him Happy New Year. There was no party! It was one of the practical New Year pranks. Thus, people make a fool out of themselves at New Year parties which never were!

9. Spending unduly

Some people genuinely arrange a party that never happens! For example, you invite certain people to a party at your place or some other venue. But you do it at the eleventh hour or mention it in passing to everyone.

The result is nobody turns up and you have to eat dozens of pizzas and drink lots of alcohol yourself! The worst part is when the same invitees call you from some other party to wish, ‘Happy New Year’!

10. Forgetting to wish

People get so lost in the celebrations that they forget to wish those around them in the New Year. That by itself is no big deal.

Unless those near and dear ones get offended and you make a fool out of yourself right at in the middle of New Year party.

11. Ultimate New Year parties goof up

This one has to be the most serious way people make a fool out of themselves at New Year parties. Some people get lost in a party right before the countdown to the New Year begins.

Their spouses or lovers find themselves foolishly looking at others administering the New Year kiss to their partners. Try imagining what happens next! Can you?

I truly wish that this New Year none of the above happens with or to you! Do remember to share your New Year plans or pranks with us below.

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