What Not to Do After Announcing Your Engagement

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‘I am engaged to be married to this man.’ This is one of the most heart-touching announcements that a woman can make, changing two lives forever. It brings with it a feeling of great happiness and excitement that cannot be controlled by many. So here are a few things that uncontrollable women should avoid doing once they announce their engagements to their loved ones and also to those who do not matter much!

1. Inviting everyone to the wedding!

Girls, the world is your happy place when you know the man you like is with you but don’t go madly inviting every person you know to your wedding! Now, your wedding is not as intimate for everyone as it is for you and your loved ones. Get this fact straight in your mind. Make a crisp invitation list and invite people who really are important to you. Let your guest list have the names of people who have touched you and your partner’s life one way or the other, you will never regret it!

2. Getting beaten down by parents and friends:

Your wedding is a social affair where many a people will want to make things happen their way. Your friends might want champagne and a disc to dance on, your parents might want you to choose a reception hall that is close to their heart, and your grandparents may want you to get married in a temple or a church. Pretend to love all the opinions but value that of your own and of your partner. Let your wedding be an event that makes you both happy, live that day for yourself!

3. Wrecking havoc on shopping malls:

Don’t try everything that looks pretty. Don’t take a bunch of friends to give their opinions. Take along only the people who have a fashion sense similar to yours. Try only the dresses that appeal to you. Remember that when you go shopping you are buying for yourself stuff that will help you make your wedding day memorable. Don’t go berserk while dress shopping or shoe shopping for that matter.

4. Assigning all the tasks to your people:

Marriage is a union of not only two people but also two families. Respect this fact. Divide equally all the great tasks within you and your fiancé’s family. Communicate before making any decisions on who should do what. You will love to make everyone happy, wont you?

5. Babbling your wedding budget to everyone:

Nobody needs to know how much you plan to shell on your wedding. There will be a lot of people who might envy you for your plans and will pull you down from your happy wagon. Try to keep your budget related information within the family and trusted friend circle only.

6. Blindly making promises:

Your in-laws are the people you want to keep close and happy during your wedding preparations. However, it doesn’t mean that you make them blind promises about their expenses. Make sure you let them know subtly but clearly that they should take care of their expenses. Don’t let expenses spoil your rapport with them.

7. Having anxiety attacks:

Now, you know very well that you are going to be the center of attraction at your wedding. Every little thing, right from your hair to your toe-nails must look perfect. In the process of reaching this perfection, don’t get anxious about how things will turn up on your big day. Smile, laugh, talk to people, and be happy. The glow of happiness will last a lot longer than your make-up.

8. Not asking for help:

Don’t pretend to be an expert at things you know nothing about. Ask for help when you need it. Let people who know how to get the decorations done, how to take care of the caterer and waiters help you. Don’t be shy or awkward! Your people love you and will happily help you to make your wedding special.

9. Ignoring what your partner has to say:

Just like you, your partner might want to do a lot of things on the wedding. Listen to his wishes; try to understand what he wants for himself. Be flexible about your options and respect his opinions.

10. Complaining about everything:

Don’t curb the enthusiasm of the people involved in planning your wedding by constantly complaining. Appreciate everyone’s efforts, including your family members and your in-laws and be accepting of what they want to say. Enjoy the special phase between your engagement and marriage because the memories will always delight you.

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