You’re Trending in My Dreams

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You’re Trending in My Dreams is yet another adorable fiction by Sudeep Nagarkar. He is one of the most popular author in the romantic or young Indian fiction. Sudeep Nagarkar has garnered huge following, especially among the young Indian readers because his subjects touch some or the other aspect of their lives.

You’re Trending in My Dreams, is essentially a story about four friends. These four friends are Ahana, Malvika, Varun and Garima. Each of them are very different from the rest f the group and yet they are very good friends. Varun begins his journey in the book as a concerned and hasty personality while Ahana is a bold and fearless to the point of being careless. Both hail from the same town in India. Garima is the shy girl and always acts and talks in a very measured way. Malvika is the self-engrossed and so-called, ‘selfie queen’.

Their lives come together in a very unlikely ways. Ahana had moved to Mumbai to pursue her career in fashion and was in search of a flat mate. Malvika, whom she meets in the gym agrees to be one and also brings along her friend Garima. Varun, who had issues with his Dad, decides to come to Mumbai for a bachelors degree and also as a way out of daily bickering. He knows Ahana, from his home town, and she offers him to move in, in her flat.

You’re Trending in My Dreams, is a happy beginning for four different sets of people. The young and out of town Indians, are a happy story when they are out of harms way. They have a sense of being free like they could never have been in their family spaces. Sudeep Nagarkar’s characters speak of the majority of the upwardly mobile population of India, which is growing in numbers.

The four unlikely friends are leading a relatively happy life, when one message threatens to rip apart the peace and happiness of their lives. Sudeep Nagarkar’s fiction may sound like the movie, ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’, but it is much more than that. The build up of the first few pages is thrilling and makes us keep wanting for more. You’re Trending in My Dreams, is indeed about the dreamy ups and downs of a metro life and the effects of the same on common young lot.

In a very, smart and clever way, Sudeep Nagarkar shows how important it is, to have close friends in life. But the youth is always searching for that one girl friend or boy friend even at cost of losing regular close friends. Critics may claim that, You’re Trending in My Dreams, is just another addition to the already huge stock of love, romance and young adult fiction by Sudeep Nagarkar. But the story is much more than that.

It brings out all the difficulties and excitement of being a young person in modern India. First, there is the problem of coping up with different natures, in a country of diverse customs, faiths, and lifestyles. If that is made up for, then there is the question of being together in a difficult place and try to build the life around a completely new reality. You’re Trending in My Dreams, highlights each of these along with a gripping story. Sudeep Nagarkar makes sure that the character association of the reader is achieved at the very beginning of the book.

In, You’re Trending in My Dreams, the author portrays how the lives of the young Indians are changing very fast and are already very different from youngsters of a decade ago. The minute details of 4 lives are very lucidly written by Sudeep Nagarkar in a plot which never bores the reader. In all, it is a very interesting book with a very casual tone, exciting plot and a very satisfactory resolution. In fact, You’re Trending in My Dreams, makes for a good casual holiday read, especially if the reader is interested in learning, how young Indians live today.

Book Details

Book titleYou’re Trending in My Dreams
Author(s)Sudeep Nagarkar
Genre Indian Fiction
Publisher(s)Random House India
Published in/on25 August 2015
No. of pages216
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